judging others poems


your poem is your heart or mind
things to see and feel
not like a story to peel
your words your song
no one needs to prove 
you right from wrong
its all on person in mind
and the heart and soul
not like words in a bowl
its all words from this one
dont let people wreak your fun
they cant see the pun
i am not good at poetry
but tryin something new 
is better then swimming in goo
Author's Notes/Comments: 

it bother me that you read a poem and then give negative remarks

please stop doing that

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Just found this by random

Just found this by random browsing.  Forgive me for a contrary opinion, but, following the French Poet, Paul Valery, I would suggest that Poetry is an art, like music, and it requires a certain amount of verbal skill, attendance to rhyme when used, compliance with measure, and so forth.  Music is not a random gathering of notes, but an ordered, very precise, system of sounds that comply with key and time signatures, harmonies and counterpoints (no parallel fifths!) and other nuances that are expected from both the composter and the performer.  Poetry is like this; for it is only certain expectations of it that set it apart from prose, and from the chaotic blurt-out of emotion in no particular form whatsoever.  Just suggesting for consideration . . . .


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I agree with you that we

I agree with you that we should be positive and I disagree with your
statement "I am not good at poetry" because you are