twisting knowledge

is this a that

or that a this 

for my heart 

is like cheese maybe swiss

my body

my soul

my life my whole

where do i go who is my foe

what do i do today

where do i lay

my story my life

no mean without a wife

she was mean and crude

and every bit rude

but her love , 2 dove

was every bit i miss

my son my life , i love him dear

for he is now my strength and  cheer

all got hard so fast and speed what will i do what will i do

its tough its rough

its pain staking clear life too short to 

be depressed and messed 

look big , life is .........

question roll and questions broll

where do i go from here

my son and my god

show me tell me point me 

this is it ... i`m stuck in this pit

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i`m a single parent and on almost like welfare 

no money 

in debt

at rock bottom

not looking for help

just expressing my self

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