Drama boy

When he called her last night and has heard her strange voice, tone of which was so nervous and tense,
He has felt right away by the depths of his guts grim onset of
impending suspense.

She just said: "I am going to send you email" in the end of that short conversation.
And he ran to computer to wait for bad news and kept waiting while loosing his patience.

In an hour it came with the innocent start - just describing how busy her day was,
Thus reducing forthcoming unpleasant impact by slow going and taking some pause.

He scrolled down through it in the quick half a glance jumping right to the core of the matter,
To face up with the truth of what's going to be - like it is - no
worse and no better.

She committed tomorrow to spend with "old flame", "you know who", that "significant other",
So she hardly will have any time set for else on that day - so brace up and be cool with it rather.


Drama boy, drama boy - what you're going to do ?- you're so old and that makes it quite funny ...
Will you live through that cold, lost by you Sunday day, will the next day be brighter and sunny ?

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