Black holes and "Stars"

Take my word for must not shine.

Listen to me when I say that glory is reserved for
game show contestants, the smooth plastic talk show hosts and children
spitting in the faces of the parents that bore them.

The fruits of wisdom have long since dried up and fallen prey to
worms teaming with festering disease.

The airwaves that we hear, feel and see are stale with rehashed shit.

We are force fed lies and garbage and soulless dancers
and tired techno beats with auto tuned vocals compliments of
snot nosed bitches and assholes adorned with 24 pack abs
that claim to hail from "the streets."

We, in return pay for these maggots to live in gated communities,
drive foreign cars with leather seats and flip flop paint jobs.

We get all warm and fuzzy inside when we hear they just adopted
a gymnasium full of little kids from Zimbabwe
wearing 80's throwback t-shirts.

(the peanut gallery sighs in unison)

We pay the lawyer fees that allow talentless fucks to snort cocaine,
drive drunk, and continue to live out their lives only to
produce more audible compost.

We devour this sickness.

We fuck ourselves with this sickness.

We take this sickness in becoming this sickness.

Never realizing that we are training the younger mindless minions
to search for their God in a spotlight that shines upon the idiotic.

You must not shine in the face of this.

You must not stand up or out in the face of this.

They want you dull, lackluster and drained of independent thought
and long after you have gone they will continue to

insult the heavens by calling themselves "stars".


Ray Strickland Jr.

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