Something Left (To Find) ReVamped


Something Left (To Find)

 I wish I could run from all this pain that is buried deep inside
I am breaking down, bleeding out and there is no where left to hide
Faith feels as if it were just a dream, that maybe this time
there might be some good left within this world to find.
When you put your trust in your emotions, you ride
high within the motions, but crash hard below
all my darkest fears manifest this here show.

 I have sinned, I have lied
all within my past, as I am only mortal
I have confessed, and I have cried
the pain breaks me down into nothing
but always fighting for something

 I feel so alone, so hallow and so empty
where everything becomes so tempting
Love and happiness, peace and joy
to see that couple as they kiss
or those without a care, to the cost of another's feast

 I am left blind, within a reality confined
abbandoned to solitude, chained to my condamnation
still whispering, pleading for a chance at redemption

 I want to run from all this pain tearing me apart inside
a constant reminder to a failed dream,
every bone broke, where noting is what it seems
and it becomes hard to believe that this time
there might be some good left to find.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first in a series of revamping some of my older Poems.

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