Unrequited Love

Silent Hate.

You told him you loved him.

He told me "I was doing it for us"

You told him you loved him.

He told me “She was just a hole to stick it in”

You told him you loved him

He told me “She was easy”

You told him you loved him.

He told me “I did what I had to”

You told him you loved him.

He told me “She meant nothing”

You told him you loved him.

He told me “She could have been anyone”

You told him you loved him.

He told me "The sex wasn't good"

You told him you loved him.

He told me “I had to think of you when I was with her”

You told him you loved him


He told me “I love you”



Having long ago gone past

The equinox, of my being

Now, it’s only atrophy

In myself I’m seeing


Yet, I grudgingly march on

To the solstice in my life

A meeting with that grim

And hooded thing, with scythe


But, this journey to my destiny

At the end of perdition’s road

Is made, not with heavy heart

But with joy, from easing of the load

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Official Release Binary Options System " Review" Software

Daniel Wilkins's Lie Detector Millionaire system software (LDM) review :
What Lie Detector Millionaire Software All About? Does Daniel Wilkins’s Lie Detector Millionaire Review Really Work? Find Out The Truth About Lie Detector Millionaire System Before You Download it! Lie Detector Millionaire System by Daniel Wilkins found at makes you think that you can become rich without doing any work, but don’t be fooled. Lie Detector Millionaire is a scam! We’ve done an in-depth investigation, and decided to present all the evidences in this Lie Detector Millionaire review.

Product Description Of Lie Detector Millionaire System:

Product Name : Lie Detector Millionaire LDM

Niche: Binary Options

Lie Detector Millionaire CEO : Daniel Wilkins

Official LDM website :

Money-back Promise : Yes (60 Days)

Delivery amount : fast Delivery

Bonus offer : affirmative($1000)

Download: Free


Lie Detector Millionaire is a new and advanced auto trading software in the binary options niche. It banks on its working features and successful results from beta testing and thus claims to provide the highest accuracy levels to users. Created by Daniel Wilkins, this software is claiming to earn guaranteed profits to all. But is it true? Can this software actually do this or these are again just fake claims made by one for scam software? We went through the software to get answers to these questions and we could say after investigating a bit that this software is not a scam. Numbers may be overwhelming to digest but this software works and works well.


What Is Lie Detector Millionaire?

Everyone wants to know what this software is all about. Lie Detector Millionaire is a new software that makes trades automatically in the binary options industry. It works on its algorithms and programmed software to detect profitable options and place trades on them. Created professionally by Daniel Wilkins, this software strives on providing real time signals to users so that timely decisions can be made. Available in both, automatic and semi automatic mode, it provides a complete option to the trader to decide on placing trades either by themselves or let the software do the talking. Extremely confident creator though has made some claims which might seem a bit too much, but this software does work and, if not the claimed amount, it sure ends up with profits.


How Does It Work?

Lie Detector Millionaire software works on generating live signals about the most profitable trades out there in the market to end up with profits. It analyses the market movements and predicts the profitable trades. Many review would be seen raising questions over the phrase said by Daniel in video “it can see the future”, but by that he meant that based upon the market research and movement analysis, the software can predict which software is going to go up and thus can decide whether to place trade or not. It works on making less number of trades as compared to some other trading software because it takes time to come up with the trades which it is completely sure about that they are going to make profits.



This is the million dollar question that everyone wants an answer to. Why is lie detector millionaire not a scam? If one goes through their website and the promotional video, one can see that these are not the work of some amateur who would be coming up with scam software.

Moreover, this Daniel Wilkins is a real entity and not just a name or a face. He has worked on this software and has put in a lot of hard work and expertise. So no wonder the numbers he is mentioning in his explanatory video might seem overwhelming and may be they are. But this is also a fact that this software does work as he says and ends up with profits.


Now coming to the number of trades made. Many people are of the opinion that greater the number of trades made, higher are the chances of profits. Even we think so. It is not incorrect. But what Lie Detector Millionaire software does is that, it makes less number of trades as compared to other such software. But it makes trades on those, which it is completely sure of getting profits from. So it keeps risks aside in advance by working only with those trades which it finds sure about making profits in.

The makers have provided a complete customer and technical support to the users so that they don’t have to face any issue while using the software. Their support team can be reached through live chat, or email or call. This sort of service is not provided by all softwares, especially those which are scams.

Last, but not the least, is their Profit Multiplier and Profit Protection features. Profit multiplier feature allows users to multiply their profits by investing them further in different trades. Profit Protection feature allows them to withdraw their profits whenever they want.


How to Get Started?

Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to clear your browser cookies.

Watch the short video on, enter your Name & Email Address and click CLICK HERE TO START MAKNG MONEY NOW.

On the following web page, create an account with a broker you never had an account by entering your full name as well as telephone number and also picking a password.

Deposit money into your account. The regular minimum required deposit is usually $250, however each broker may have their own requirements. Confirm your account by sending the required documents to the broker.

Sign in to the software and start making money right away!

Lie Detector Millionaire Software Is Free:

Lie Detector Millionaire software is available for free to use. The only money needed is to make an initial deposit on which trades will be made. The brokers are registered and licensed and thus can be trusted with. Getting started it easy as one needs to just set up an account, make deposits and start trading.


Our Recommendation:

We have gone through several auto trading software before and have not written reviews about those whom we don’t feel like trusting. Lie Detector Millionaire is one software that actually works. Don’t go on the number being told on video and website as they are a bit over whelming. But if one is looking to make good profits, not huge, this software is worth taking a shot at. We recommend it to all.

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!HoT!!! Release Lie Detector Millionaire (liedetect) System Review!

Lie Detector Millionaire System by Daniel Wilkins found at makes you think that you can become rich without doing any work, but don’t be fooled. Lie Detector Millionaire is a scam! We’ve done an in-depth investigation, and decided to present all the evidences in this Lie Detector Millionaire review.


Product Name: Lie Detector Millionaire
Lie Detector Millionaire Website:
Lie Detector Millionaire CEO: Daniel Wilkins
Lie Detector Millionaire Price: FREE

Lie Detector Millionaire

According to Daniel Wilkins, “The Lie Detector Millionaire System is currently reaching successful binary options trade percentages that are unmatched by any other Binary Options Trading System 2016 that are available and it’s all thanks to the sophisticated code that drives the entire Lie Detector Millionaire system.”

Hundreds of new binary trader have flooded into the Lie Detector Millionaire members area due to the successful trade ratio that the Lie Detector Millionaire software is currently reaching and Daniel Wilkins claims “The Lie Detector Millionaire system has the power and has proven to reach as high as 98% successful trades for a number of our beta-testers.”

There is still a Big question about how the Lie Detector Millionaire system operates and actually provides such high rate of success when investing within the binary options industry.


What is Lie Detector Millionaire?

The Lie Detector Millionaire software was developed with the user in mind and is able to “completely take control of the binary options trading process” by finding and automating the trades for the investor. There are a number of investors reaching over $2,347 per day using the live trading signals provided by Lie Detector Millionaire software.

New Binary Options Trader can plug into live Lie Detector Millionaire binary trading signals and begin receiving real-time alerts instantly so they don’t have to spend Time learning the ins and outs of binary investing.

The newest feature that has been added to the Lie Detector Millionaire software is the automation feature which will completely control the trading by placing the trades at the Lie Detector Millionaire broker. This is a major driving factor behind the buzz of Lie Detector Millionaire software and the hundreds of new traders that continue to join in Lie Detector Millionaire on a daily basis.


How Does Lie Detector Millionaire Software Work?

The Lie Detector Millionaire software is going to find the best trading opportunities that will give you the ability to earn up to 97% profit per winning trade. The second the Lie Detector Millionaire APP senses a trade the investor is going to get an instant alert which will tell them precisely what and how to trade.

There are a limited number of investment options when it comes to binary and those are the “call” or the “put.” The Lie Detector Millionaire software tells the trader to place a call the option is going to move upward by Signals of expiration while the put means the option will most likely be moving downward.

Every binary option has an expiration that’s set by the trader and this can range from 30 seconds to as long as one year (365 days). In the event the option moves in the direction choose by the Lie Detector Millionaire trader by the expiration he or she will win a profit payout of 89%-98%.

A loosing trade will cost the initial investment that was placed into that specific option which typically ranges from $5 to $1K A trade. The point behind the Lie Detector Millionaire software is to take out the guess work and learning curve to trading binary options. By following the signals that the Lie Detector Millionaire software provides traders can begin investing with little to no background in binary options.


What’s It Going To Take To Get Start With Lie Detector Millionaire Software?

Any new binary trader that wants to get started with the Lie Detector Millionaire software will need to invest with an accepted binary options trading broker. The Lie Detector Millionaire software is currently only accepting a number of binary options brokers depending on where are traders live around the world. The list of accepted brokers is available after the trader enters their details on the official Lie Detector Millionaire website.


What Is a Binary Options Broker?

Anyone interested in trading binary options will need an account with an accepted Binary Options trading broker. The Lie Detector Millionaire broker is the platform that allows you to place trades and before you can place a single trade you will need to open and fund your trading account with a broker that works with Lie Detector Millionaire. The minimum investment is typically $250 but this can range depending on the broker chosen.


How To Make The Lie Detector Millionaire System Work For You?

The second you fund your Lie Detector Millionaire binary options trading account you’ll get your instant download link for the Lie Detector Millionaire APP. At that Time you can download the Lie Detector Millionaire software, start receiving live binary trading signals, and place your first binary options trade.

The moment the Lie Detector Millionaire software tells the trader to place a trade they will head over to their options broker and place the exact trade that the Lie Detector Millionaire software suggested. Continue following the live trading signals to reach the 98% successful trades ratio that a number of Lie Detector Millionaire beta-testers were able to accomplish.


Here’s the steps to take to reserve your free copy of the Lie Detector Millionaire software..

1) Head to the official Lie Detector Millionaire site and reserve your copy by signing up

2) Fund your Binary Trading account with one of the accepted Lie Detector Millionaire brokers

3) Download the Lie Detector Millionaire software and start using the free copy today

Lie Detector Millionaire is currently offering an instant trading bonus and interested investors should visit the official website to find out more.


Lie Detector Millionaire Software Overview:

By using the Lie Detector Millionaire live trading signals investors don’t need to have years of experiences in binary options investing to begin seeing success. As soon as the Lie Detector Millionaire software is downloaded it will go to work doing the tedious work of finding and placing winning trades on autopilot. The Lie Detector Millionaire system is reaching 98% success for beta-testers which is unmatched in the binary options Trading Industry.

If trader does not have too much technical knowledge it’s still easy to “plug & play” using the Lie Detector Millionaire system. There is an instant trading bonus that is only available at the official Lie Detector Millionaire website so click the link below to Claim Your $1K Lie Detector Millionaire System Bonus and To Download Your Free Copy Of Lie Detector Millionaire APP Now :

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Pain Release


I live my life
I write my poems
And I truly mean what I said
At the time I wrote them

Even the poems
That is all about suicide
I did mean them when I write them
But that is the whole point of them

To get out my emotions
And drain me of them
So they don’t affect me
Anymore than they already have

A pain release is all they are
Just like people who cut
And people who drink
They have all found a way

To get rid of their emotions
Even though their way is more
Deadly than mine
They keep on and so do I

Written on
November 22, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a poem I had the urge to write, so I did. Most of my poems seem to help me deal with my pain. Pill poppers, druggies, any sort of addiction serves to release the pain, most tend to dull it for the time being. However, mine works really well for me. I guess you could say that I am addicted to my writing. Well, that's fine by me.

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Life... And Death


 The heart pulses

Blood pushes through the veins

Each mans own river

All carefully contained


The skin splits open

And blood rushes out

Pouring forth it comes

The life spills out


As death comes in

The heart begins to cease

To beat no more and

Give man his release


All gone is the hurt, pain, and tears

But gone too is joy and happiness

All replaced by

An eternal bliss


~Chrystal Swallows

Written on

May 23, 2004

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one wasnt about anyone, just how i was feeling at the time. Mind you, I have never and will ever attempt suicide. I feel that is a week mans way out, and I am far from weak. That's why I write my poetry because it is a pain realease.

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His Fingers Trace The Narrow Path

His fingers trace the narrow path
The blue-blood river of his vein
Like a bird his razor glides
But only he can feel his pain

The slow release of endless tears
Falling from his eyes
The slow relief as countless fears
Swirl in the crimson tide

Blood red rain falls at his feet
From wounds he cannot hide
But criss-crossed scars mean little now
For he's emotionless inside

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For anyone who has ever contemplated, attempted or committee suicide, or been affected by it in any way :(

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