The Mobius Trap

broken shades of blackness replace the sunbursts on my sunglasses,
an abandoned home of potential clutching to boarded windows and run-amok grasses,

the world inside my mind disseminating beyond a dream's black holes,
stretching to the limits antithetical to my life aspirations and goals,

withering and wasting, weighted and waiting,
my dearth of a positive future forever participating,

ive never loved, unsuccessfully i tap into the feeling,
the fruits of unadulterated care im constantly peeling,

every morning i wake up, shatter the mirror hanging above my sink,
behind it the white paint is just as unforgiving, condeming what i think,

my life is a movie i don't care to watch, the acting poor, the script bland,
a huge budget but where did it go? the scenes all candid and unplanned,

the single doors of opportunity i find are hinged on both sides,
i look through the key hole, from my peering eyeball grace hides...




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