Monthly Archive for August 2008

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
A Letter Poem RainDreams 1 Aug 17th
Full Counsel of God Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 18th
Arty Crafty Poem rbpoetry 1 Betrayal Aug 18th
My Vessel Poem significance_of_2 Aug 18th
Intimate Pain Poem schea 1 Lost love Aug 18th
don't say a word Poem steelrunner303 Aug 18th
Typical Night Poem damien Aug 18th
Overwhelming Understatement Poem damien Abstract Aug 18th
Mist of the Night Poem da_fluffy romance Aug 18th
Coal Poem coldaugust Aug 18th
summer rain Poem cloud Memories Aug 18th
Friend’s Wedding Poem shawon1982 1 youth Aug 18th
Burden is Hers, Carry Her Own Poem exquisite_dysfu... Awakening Aug 18th
Walk The Beached Poem lyrycsyntyme Unrequited Love Aug 18th
Blues Poem demented_irishman Abstract Aug 18th
Jenny Jacknife Poem damien Abstract Aug 18th
To a tolerable degree. Poem bendergender Aug 19th
SHiNNiNG STAR Poem Shellysweetness Aug 19th
lost in time Poem cahearn23 Aug 19th
MY BEST FRiEND Poem Shellysweetness Aug 19th
Tradition Poem life_used_to_be... Aug 19th
OPEN MINDS AND LONGTERM TRIALS Poem significance_of_2 Aug 19th
Tangent Aug/19/08 Poem MatthewWayne Aug 19th
savior Poem nothing16 Aug 19th
HER NAME WiLL NEVER BE iN LiGHTS Poem Shellysweetness Aug 19th
Lesson to be learned. Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 19th
The last request. Poem bendergender Aug 19th
mere mortal Poem steelrunner303 Sin Aug 19th
dollar stores Poem 9inety 2 Aug 19th
Lost Soul Poem ladyreck Aug 20th
Untitled -- 8.20.2008 Poem brokenangel17 Aug 20th
عشيقتي.....ما اجملــــــها Poem wella28 Aug 20th
Slightly Mad World Poem jonfeb Song Lyrics Aug 20th
قلمــــــي Poem wella28 Aug 20th
Forgive But Don't Forget Poem chalupa67 Aug 20th
You Know Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Aug 20th
Just Passing Through Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Aug 20th
Lately Poem angeljerlin Hidden Love Aug 20th
Loneliness will never leave me alone Poem nothing16 Aug 20th
Mirage Poem clutchforbalance Aug 20th
I'll Tell You Someday Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Aug 20th
NEW ARRIVAL Poem truedreams 1 Aug 20th
DREARY NIGHT Poem emmenay Aug 20th
Ashes Divide Poem xephornite 1 Aug 20th
My Closest Friend Poem slydeviltkd 1 friendship Aug 20th
UNANCHORED KNOWLEDGE Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 20th
Love Poem flower_child love Aug 20th
Just for a Moment Poem hatchling 2 Stress Aug 21st
Sweet Things (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 21st
Blank Canvas Poem shawon1982 1 youth Aug 21st
قلمى Poem hamsa Aug 21st
Oh Girl Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Aug 21st
rules Poem ruth_x_less Aug 21st
Tangent Aug/20/08 Poem MatthewWayne Aug 21st
What you mean to me Poem thisisme04 love Aug 21st
Megabutt Poem sugargrl1815 Aug 21st
Ping Pong Flip Flop Drip Drops Poem thelohaspiral Aug 21st
Dug Dig Poem gottgehirn Aug 21st
Memories Poem thisisme04 Aug 21st
God’s Word Poem trumpet7 1 inspiration Aug 21st
JUST A LITTLE WHILE CLOSER Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 21st
Enchanted Lands Poem jonfeb Song Lyrics Aug 21st
Glued to Life Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 22nd
Confusion Poem clutchforbalance Aug 22nd
Unclear Poem clutchforbalance Aug 22nd
fake it - make it Poem haylz Aug 22nd
watching the trees outside on a windy day Poem haylz Aug 22nd
Wish I knew Poem clutchforbalance Aug 22nd
smile Poem greeny Aug 22nd
Small World (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 22nd
That Song Poem shawon1982 youth Aug 22nd
To Tutul Uncle (Birthday Message) Poem shawon1982 youth Aug 22nd
In Memory Of Poem MrEternity Song Lyrics Aug 22nd
Without Love ♥ Poem shawon1982 1 youth Aug 22nd
Epitaph Poem MrEternity death Aug 22nd
Ikaw Lang Gihapon (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 22nd
Short of Expectations Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Aug 22nd
THE SOFA Poem truedreams Aug 22nd
Manyakis Blues (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 22nd
Wanderer Poem strangelittleboy Aug 22nd
There's No More Fairytales Poem haylz 1 Aug 22nd
Meteor Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Aug 22nd
Sepulchral Poem nothing16 Aug 22nd
an oportunity to sleep Poem omarotten 1 Abstract Aug 22nd
As It Is Poem angeljerlin Reality Aug 22nd
im paying Poem haylz Aug 22nd
Everyday Hindsight Poem rbpoetry Lost love Aug 22nd
Kung Ako Maka Uyab (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 22nd
Fool for love Poem clutchforbalance Aug 22nd
Glamorous Sky (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 22nd
"Burning Bridge Of Love" Poem passionaterider 1 Aug 22nd
Too Much Internet Poem haylz Aug 22nd
darkness and everything between Poem haylz Aug 22nd
we are haunting the planet Poem haylz Aug 22nd
Solid Ug Lawas (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 22nd
Fly Babies Fly Poem humanpulse Aug 22nd
do you ever Poem haylz Aug 22nd
Running on Empty Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 23rd
Anhelos Poem orishaman love Aug 23rd
Glamorous Sky (Jap. w/ Eng.) (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 23rd
Evolution Poem SexyOldBAG Abstract Aug 23rd
As you lay Sleeping Poem ChryWizard caring, in love, love, romance, together Aug 23rd
PMS and woman spoke... (What "he" heard) Poem ChryWizard 1 Aug 23rd
Slippery & Wet (an Erotic tease) Poem ChryWizard erotic, mature. suggestive, tease Aug 23rd
We Are Witnesses Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 23rd
He simply took my hand Poem ChryWizard spiritual religion Aug 23rd
Pineappolis Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Aug 23rd
“Knocking on the Door” Poem theoriginalavalon Aug 23rd
Masks Poem clutchforbalance Aug 23rd
FROM THE ON SET, TRIBULATION Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 23rd
Better luck next time Poem clutchforbalance Aug 23rd
Indecent Exposure Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 23rd
a 50/50 chance Poem ruth_x_less Aug 23rd
A Mile in My Shoes Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 23rd
Heartsong Poem clutchforbalance Aug 23rd
Solitaire Poem the7bs Aug 24th
The End of the World Poem the7bs Aug 24th
The Mistery in You Poem da_fluffy Lust Aug 24th
In Darkness Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 24th
fantasy Poem elle_graw 1 Aug 24th
I Love Techno Poem the7bs 2 Aug 24th
Away in AZ Poem the7bs 1 Aug 24th
Just when we think we know somebody. Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 24th
Á bientôt Poem alexandre.hornbeck Lost love Aug 24th
Above the Weather Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 24th
IN THE AFTER GLOW OF THE COUPLING (erotica) Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 24th
The Last Corbett. Poem bendergender Aug 24th
"MY LITTLE ANGEL" Poem anthony28 Cinquain Poetry Aug 24th
"MY PRINCESS" Poem anthony28 Cinquain Poetry Aug 24th
fifteen minutes... 23aug08 Poem avengers1965 Aug 24th
Falling Mind The Release of Sacrifice Poem sacrifice Bittersweet Aug 24th
Snowball Effect Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 24th
Untitled 8/24/2008 Poem branbran Aug 25th
~~hunter~~ Poem zevil Aug 25th
~~~ Like you used to ~~~ Poem zevil Aug 25th
3nights Poem greeny 1 Angst Aug 25th
Banna Norte.. Poem greeny Aug 25th
Moping on a Sunday Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 25th
The Comfort of The Great Mother Poem gentle 2 Nature/Environment Aug 25th
Swallowed Poem greeny Aug 25th
COLLECTING THE STORM STRANDS Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 25th
return of a ghost Poem ruth_x_less Aug 25th
fucking medicine Poem greeny Aug 25th
Inherited or Learned Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 25th
~~~~~ readon to be ~~~~ Poem zevil Aug 25th
inlove Poem greeny 1 Aug 25th
~~~~ Dawn chorus ~~~~ Poem zevil Aug 25th
A Forest Splinter Poem wishful_thinking Aug 25th
somewhere Poem greeny Aug 25th
Back To The Sheep's Skin Poem wishful_thinking Aug 25th
The Lyrics Poem anexod Aug 25th
sacrifice Poem greeny Aug 25th
Living Stones Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 25th
Not Much Else Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Aug 25th
When The Fire Burns Poem joelcarter_86 Aug 25th
I don't really want him, do I? Poem Letty467 shyness Aug 25th
Shotgun Love Poem anexod Aug 25th
Teeth Poem anexod Aug 25th
Plants (Dust-Covered) Poem tula Apathy Aug 25th
Broken Fences Poem nickchig Aug 25th
Manic Sleep Poem demented_irishman Abstract, Manic, mental illness, sleep Aug 25th
Scars Poem demented_irishman Pain/Sorrow Aug 25th
Tu cuerpo.... Poem orishaman Lust Aug 25th
HAIKU WRITTEN ON AUG. 25, 2008. Poem emmenay Aug 25th
~~~~~~ wind ~~~~~~~ Poem zevil Aug 25th
~~~ My best friend ~~~ Poem zevil Aug 25th
Dream Keeper Poem ChandaHealton regret Aug 26th
White Lies (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 26th
TAKING SURVEYS Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Aug 26th
The Silence of Madness Poem amazingmrdonut 1 Depression Aug 26th
Crash and Burn Poem amazingmrdonut Lost love Aug 26th
Floating Down Poem amazingmrdonut Life/Living Aug 26th
An Enchanted Stars Flight Poem 9inety Aug 26th
hisses Poem 9inety Aug 26th
How Can I Poem babblin Aug 26th
befriending pharisee Poem steelrunner303 Aug 26th
Lucky Strike Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 26th
As Long As I Got You Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 26th
Perhaps Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 26th
In the past Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 26th
Harmony Within Nature Poem MatthewWayne Revolution Aug 26th
poem_227_A_Boy Poem h1s4k0 Life/Living Aug 26th
When No One Else (Song) Poem babblin Aug 26th
Music Poem shawon1982 1 youth Aug 26th
A TALL DARK ELM ( A TRIBUTE TO LANGSTON HUGHES) Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 26th
Wood's Properties Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 26th
Locked Out Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 26th
Love Movement Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 26th
War Within Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 26th
Nothing New ۞ Poem shawon1982 1 youth Aug 26th
sweetest sin Poem greeny Aug 27th
where are you now? Poem greeny Aug 27th
The Jones Poem ChryWizard 1 Aug 27th
crazyheart Poem greeny Aug 27th
weirdest teacher(NaomiLlante) Poem greeny Aug 27th
time Poem greeny Aug 27th
The Power of a new born Poem ChryWizard 1 Aug 27th
Come Whatever May Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 27th
月光愛人 Poem bluewave 2 Aug 27th
MAMA CAN i ASK YOU SOMETHiNG? Poem Shellysweetness Aug 27th
cry Poem greeny Aug 27th
bestdamnday Poem greeny Aug 27th
my birthday Poem greeny Aug 27th
lady Sheryl (friends cousin) Poem greeny Aug 27th
someday (relative..) Poem greeny Aug 27th
me Poem greeny Aug 27th
new year,new you Poem greeny Aug 27th
jenelyndofredo Poem greeny Aug 27th
my baby Poem greeny Aug 27th
simply together Poem greeny Aug 27th
freedom Poem greeny Aug 27th
farewell!?(waffleTime) Poem greeny Aug 27th
Pouring Rain Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 27th
? Poem 3abak_alyasamine love Aug 27th
Doctor, Doctor Poem edwin 2 Satire Aug 27th
Dearest... Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 27th
morenalumida Poem greeny Aug 27th
Fools, Tools! Poem melissaborecki Aug 27th
Girl can't you see? Poem babblin 2 Aug 27th
Time & Tide Poem rbpoetry Lost love Aug 27th
YOU CANT BREAK ME Poem Shellysweetness Aug 27th
BAD FRiENDS Poem Shellysweetness 3 Aug 27th
This Dying Day Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 27th
This makes no sense at all!!!!!! Poem melissaborecki Aug 27th
With You Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 27th
A Change of State Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 27th
Forever As One Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 27th
The day I was born! Poem nickkler Aug 27th
How Do I know Its Love? Poem gothic_fairy_ love Aug 27th
One Little Lie Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 27th
What Happens When.... Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 27th
Ire-Clad Poem xephornite Aug 28th
THE PLAYGROUND Poem ltsaunders Aug 28th
Good Guys Poem lyrycsyntyme 1 War Aug 28th
AS A FAVOR TO ME Poem ltsaunders Aug 28th
OMG THE DRAMA Poem ltsaunders Aug 28th
'08 Remember Me Loverboy? Poem Joel 1 Aug 28th
This Love Poem psychoticbeauty Aug 28th
Nobody Poem clutchforbalance Aug 28th
Lost Poem clutchforbalance Aug 28th
Here with you Poem clutchforbalance Aug 28th
today Poem juliothegreat Aug 28th
Broccoli Poem ruthybird12 1 Aug 28th
Guilty Poem ruthybird12 Aug 28th
Harbringer Poem sacrifice Dark Aug 28th
Nothing more than a memory Poem clutchforbalance Aug 28th
Disposable Lover Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Aug 28th
It Takes Something... Poem docjroberts Pain/Sorrow Aug 28th
Screaming in Silence Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 28th
Not Of The World Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 28th