Dream Keeper

Lost Love

I used to be a happy person, who smiled and laughed,
I used to dream big dreams,
I was filled with joy
And never bitter painful screams.
Look at who I have become,
Someone even I no longer know,
A sad and lonely girl,
A weeping lost shadow.
Somehow you have changed me,
I used to believe in rainbows with pots of gold,
I used to believe all I needed was your smile to get me through the hard times.
That all the wrongs would disappear with your strong hold.
I used to believe we'd get through just about anything,
That by your side I would always be strong,
You'd always be there to guide me
And with your love the world could do no wrong
When did I stop believing?
When did our dreams fade away?
When did sorrow take over my fading heart,
When did the nightmares begin to fill each day?
They say you can never go home,
A dream lost will never come true
A trust broken is forever dead,
I must admit, I've lost faith in you.
Ypu aren't the man I fell in love with
My dream keeper, oh the nightmares you bring
Oh the heartache so real
Oh the sad songs you sing

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