Here with you


Feeling alone,
empty, lost in the dark.

Wandering through the endless night,
a soft whisper in my wings.

I feel you, near me,
lost too.

Here with you, I find peace,
comfort and rest.

Here with you, I'm not alone,
have you to watch over me.

Here with you, I find my way,
my star that gives me strength.

Crying out loud,
can you hear me?

Holding my pain in,
can feel you there,
trying to take some of the burden.

Why do you find comfort in me,
find a way to rescue me?

Something lead me to you,
somehow come back to you.

Here with you,
I feel safe, free.

Don't have to hide anymore,
running in circles,
I've found where I belong,
here with you.

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