PMS and woman spoke... (What "he" heard)


P.M.S. and woman spoke…

(What he heard)

I'm P.M.S.-ing so leave me alone,

I might have felt better; if I’d just stayed home.

The cramps have me hurting in stomach and side,

I can be a bitch so you might run and hide.

Midol don’t help though it claims that it will,

So back off sucker…I’m subject to kill.

Watch what you say and don’t rock the boat,

I’ll bite off your head and jump down your throat.

Just a few days then back to sweet me,

Until that time …Just f_ckin leave!

This time of the month you can’t understand,

What a woman goes through…You’re only a man.

©1997 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as a tease to a past girlfriend. all because she simply said; "Paul. I'm pms-ing. I might have felt better; if I just stayed home"

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yellowspecks's picture

This is very (true) ummm funny. I enjoyed it. Rae