Nothing more than a memory


See you, everywhere I turn,

hear your voice singing me to sleep,

silent tears falling, just for you.

Can't go back to yesterday,

looking ahead, searching,

for something new,

in the lies for something that's finally true.

Where am I running,

circles, confusion is nothing new.

A soft whisper on the breeze,

it carries your voice to me.

Sad smile,

missing you, lost.

Thought I could hear your laugh,

but that's not you,

just another wish, that'll never come true.

Wish I could believe again,

like you wanted me to.

Always telling me to smile,

but they're fake without you.

Part of me has died,

buried with your body,

but I can't move on like you have.

Know you're still here,

watching over me,

I miss you.

Sadness sweeps over me,

but I let it go,

I can be strong again.

You'd want me to be happy,

and I want that too.

Watch me fly,

leave all my pain behind.

Look to the future,

where nothing is guaranteed.

Live for the moment,

like you never could,

I'll make you proud.

The scars on my arms,

a road map of my life,

they're faded now.

I don't need the pain anymore,

just now, just you,

the rest is gone,

nothing more than a memory.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/t: Chris. I miss you

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