My Vessel

i went back to my childhood house to see and share the beauty

i drove down the block in search of home draped with trees so fruity

i drove back up and sought my house and not a tree was found

the spot where i remember it to be is now holy ground

i called and knocked to be let in the place where i grew up

i even asked for help but no one would come out

when i was a child the door was open to any and all who came

For they recieved a helping hand or strong legs walked for the lame

the new place in my old place is for worship and to dwell

a location many say can save them all from hell

founded to be a help and a blessing to the masses

no one can see in or out of its freshly stained glasses

with locked doors there is no flow of people either in or out

with closed eyes there is no way to see beyond the doubt

but i know that there is more to this place than meets the eye

i know that in this place has been answered many a cry

no tears dropped from my eyes and maybe that's why i am not inside

the building...  where i met the He, who in me resides

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