Loss of a Maiden

It always seems that when I am happy

Life always finds a way to bring me down;

words that once filled my heart with joy

only haunt me and fill me with pain.

Why is that it hurts when I take a breath

when you are no longer by my side?

Why does it seem the heavens send the rain,

a drop for every tear I've cried.  

Why, when I am so used to seeing you,

do I suddenly find myself alone?

Alone to wander in the darkest night,

Stumbling to try to find my way back home.

Do you not know I care for you,

that your smallest word gave me wings?

Did you never understand that in your smile

I could hear the heavenly angels sing?

I'm sorry if I never told you I cared

or showed you how much you ment to me,

Now you are no longer by my side,

And all because of my folly.

Know that  my heart will miss you sorely

And that my eyes will never dry;

Until that day they behold you

As you are once again by my side.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fourth enstalment of the Maiden series

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