and now

My dream, of that woman

from when I first saw her  

I have longed to see her every day since then

My eyes in bliss

persuade my kiss

like the grace of rain

quenching parched gardens look upward

in the summer air

feel a breeze

wonderful winds blow

on magical seas

see that star and the light that shines

in a land of dreams

that is how it seems

I say breathlessly

I have felt her love

when first our warm lips touched

magical thoughts in moist heat

the scent obvious

as if vermilion flowers

perfumed petals push down upon my world

my thirsty throat

needs to drink from my lovers sensitive sweet

come closer love

I will make that vow

two hearts should beat like one

As long as dolphins love the sea

As long as deserts collect the sun

I will love you for all eternity

and now

love's elegance on the run

all over once again spill your tears upon the sea

this heart of mine

like a sailor

clambers aboard for his last voyage


sink me

overhear the storm

through the misty morn

silhouettes of seabirds in wild wandering

endless flight on delicate weary wing

there is nothing left to say

this is love that is lost

cruel pain stabs the heart

crimson wound rips apart

ships in squalls pitch and list

there is nothing left to do but I feel my clenched fist

my beauty, for you

one heart was not enough for two

what about absolution, that I need

I slip to my knees for confession without a view  

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vilmazab's picture

As long as deserts collects the sun, I will love you until eternity... what a lucky lady to be dedicated with this poem.