Clouded night.

Dark and dreary,

Desolate shadows,

Confused people,

Thronging roads,

Frenzied mobs,

Blocking paths,

Pimps and call girls,

Wait like vultures,

As a cuckoo,

Sounds its warnings,

Urging caution.

Fed up I am,

Of all these scenes,

And these echoes,

And these faces,

My steps are firm,

I don't falter,

But I don't see,

Any ray of hope,

To rescue mankind,

And this planet,

From the forces,

Of annihilation.

Venus shines bright,

Red Mars stares,

Jupiter waits,

For disasters.

Our moon is eclipsed,

By our own earth,

While our sun moves,

On disturbed waters.

Let me take rest,

For I have to wake up,

And work as ever,

Against extinction.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed in Karachi on the 21st of August, 2008.

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