2007-2009 Poems

Lately, I feel something creepy.

That same feeling one February night

Friday the 13th, under the moonlight.

Staring at someone, who became my Somebody.

Lately, it feels like there is a new me.

No, it is not my new haircut- shorty!

An amazing presence around me

Makes this heart 'thump' excitedly.

Could it be?

That lately, your eyes are secretly on me?

Don't be afraid to let loose and get close

I want you near, I want you here.

Lately, I've been smiling and laughing.

Did you notice the crazy things I'm doing?

When you're around, I'm shinning,

At the end of the day, it's you that I'm missing.

What would you do if I tell you?

That lately, I can feel it too?

There is no space for confusion

With your sweet words and thoughtful actions.

Lately, you are a mystery.

But you save me from my misery.

Don't be afraid to feel.

Don't be afraid to get real.

"So many words are still left unsaid,

But I just know our hearts know everything.

If you are too confused to understand-

Just let our eyes meet."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~jerlin 20Aug08

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