We Are Witnesses


We Are Witnesses for God’s Son, called to be a witness to everyone,

A witness to every nation in this world, as God’s Light and His herald.

Sent to preach to the wilderness, the Truth of Christ’s Righteousness,

To bring Truth to that barren soul, to make that heart spiritually whole.

We preach, not for our own fame, but to point men to the Only Name,

Under Heaven for men to be saved, from a world that is so depraved.

We have been told, wherever we go, there are men who need to know,

That although they have fallen in sin, they can have a New Life in Him.

A New Life through one sacrifice, God’s Spotless Lamb Jesus Christ,

And all their sin God will forgive, allowing mortal men to eternally live.

New believers baptized in His Name, who then also begin to proclaim,

To each and every single nation, God’s One and Only, True Salvation.

That’s why we’re called out of the night, to be for the Savior His Light,

Calling others out of the world, through the message of life we herald,

God’s Message of hope and praise, as we live out these earthly days,

Looking forward to that future time, when life shall be forever sublime.

Until then we’ll witness with zeal, knowing His Truth is bigger than real,

As Christ, who’s still on His Throne, is returning to redeem all His own,

All those purchased with His blood, who accepted the gift of His love,

From the witness of another friend, to join a Kingdom that has no end.

(Copyright ©08/2008)

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