The Comfort of The Great Mother


Somewhere far deep inside

The mountainous fortress

Great Mother proudly wears

Heavy coats of pine & fur

High above the busy muck

Of the worries of life

Untold voices waken

The pleasing lullabies

Of her wondrous night

Secluded, safe from woes

Inside her gentle arms

I hear a symphony

Of  great searching eagles

Across the rippling lakes

The merriment of wolves

Add joy to perfect song

To the silvery glow

Of her emerging moon.

Fairy whispers are caught

In the flirting leaves teased

By the cooling sweet rains

And within the cabin walls

The sun kissd grandchildren

Sleep, dream, sheltered safely

From the outer darkness

And the encompassing

Of her perfect deep embrace

But I, have my comfort

Knowing she is with me

And even though my hand

Has all but disappeared

Beyond these aging eyes

I Surrender to her dark

As embers from the fire

Slowly begin to die

I can still hear her breathe

July 2008 - Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I spent a week in the deep mountain regions of British Columbia. It's beauty inspired this piece.

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a.griffiths57's picture

The Great Mother:

What a wonderfull piece about our home "Earth" and it's many types of environment. To encourage a global mass clean up and Mother earth will know that we care; and take good care of her thereafter; spend more time at the aforementioned endeavours and there will be less time for warfare and it's chaotic, predestined, spoilage of human life, earth's environment, animal and sea life, and the submergence of our World wide civilizations - and into ruination. Loved your piece of work here I think the reader can really share in the wonder of our planet and it's many locations. Great.

Afzal Shauq's picture

a good tribute for this poem and its as best poem as your poetry is... your subjects are new.. hope you like my work too