Scarlet razors,

taunting, calling,

a whisper, tempting.

A dangerous high,

temporary fix,

bloody lullabies.

He doesn't understand,

how can I explain,

miss the feel of it,

the sweet pain,

bliss in my secret vice.

Images in my mind,

torture,tease, soothing.

How could pain feel so good,

longing like no other.

Resistance, ignorance,

avoidance, denial.

Fighting silently against the waves,

trying not to drown.

Thirsty for the pain,

a barren desert of emptiness.

Welcome the familiarity,

long-lost love,

the release, the rush.

All too quickly,

that high ends,

leaving reality,

bleeding freely,

floating back to earth.

How do I fight a dream,

a craving, unseen enemies.

Freedom calls,

blade singing sweetly,

ignore it, you're stronger..

Blood on my arms,

not real, only a trick of my mind,

just a mirage.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem's title has a double meaning, can you figure out what it is?

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