The Power of a new born

From the moment of birth
When the new baby arrives
We swear to protect them
For the rest of our lives.
The most precious of gifts
That we’ll ever hold
And the feelings they inspire
Can’t be bought; with silver or gold.
They depend on us all
For love, shelter and food

And the sound of baby laughter
Can lift the foulest of moods.
Now the power of a new baby
Can produce such a surprise
Check out a proud new Father…
When he thinks; there’s; no watchful eyes!
He’ll make funny dumb faces
And silly sounds too
When he thinks, no one will hear
You’ll hear him saying…

Now, God may have given woman pain
At the time of her child’s birth
But with her pain; comes tears of joy
Not felt, by any man on earth.
To Mothers with new babies; this poem
Is my gift; with my prayer to above
Asking God; to keep them both safe
By, wrapping them in his love!

©2004-Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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thisisme04's picture

Good poem! I like how you acknowledge that a baby is a gift from God. I really like it. thanks for writing it.