The Silence of Madness

The Long Night

I woke up from a dream, into this maddening bliss

From the ashes of sadness, formed this mindless abyss

In the voices so soothing, beyond the fragments of time

Burning in silence, and burning through my mind

The echoes of passion, and the dying of souls

Remind me of heaven, as the emotion grows cold

The world is a voice, and the words are a sword

Driving to chaos, as the void is ignored

Suffocating and starving, as the poison sets in

Choking on darkness, that was born from within

An everlasting temptation, and the sins in my heart

A perilous memory, that was drowning from the start

A beckon to heaven, and a lesson unlearned

A teaspoon of terror, to wash down the concerns

One more promise, from just one more voice

Spinning in my head, and all but one rejoice

Only one to rise, and only one to fall

In the end I see, the reasons for it all

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absolutely astonished by this

absolutely astonished by this piece. fantastic work.