Untitled 8/24/2008

Old stuff

Don't got any motivation,
Nor do I have the time.
I don't have any cheese,
But God do I have the whine.
I'm a victim of being choiceless,
Blind being lead by the blind.
I open my eyes just a second,
Enough to see in kind.
Yet my baggage is all matching,
And I'm packed and set to go.
My problems are mine you see,
And they are mine to face alone.
No one holds a bag for me,
The handles come undone.
All my issues pour on out,
Ever spilling till they're done.
With all my problems laid to bare,
I have no where else to run.
Perhaps it's time I make a choice,
and with that, I won.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haven't written a poem in a a long time.. like years. Came to me out of no where :D

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