He simply took my hand

He simply took my hand

I met a man today

he spoke to me of the Christ.

He said “Open your heart, let him come in

he gave for you his life.”

He sang some songs, we talked a bit,

he took my hand in prayer

He prayed “Dear Lord, Please help this man

show him your love is there.”

Now; I’ve never been religious,

or given much thought to sin

But there; at that very moment

I felt something in me begin.

After he left, I sat right down

to write out how I feel

What I felt; within my heart

was to me, The Christ; is real!!!

So thanks to you Lord Jesus,

For bringing to me, this man…

He brought you and me together….

by simply… taking my hand!

©1995 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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