In Memory Of

Looking back now
There's a million things that I wish I had changed.
I don't know how
To appologize to you for all the pain.
I'm alone here
No friends to hold my hand while I wait for death.
I have no fear
Just a lonely heart so full of regrets.

I wish I never said goodbye
I should have kissed you when you cried.
I miss my lover and my friend
I should have fought until the end.

I don't blame you,
You had every right to walk away from me.
I'd have gone too
If I'd have seen the things you had to see.
Your in my heart, love
I'll keep you there til the very day I die.
There's no one above
And when I say forever I promise it's no lie.

I wish we never fell apart,
I should have held you by the heart.
I miss your smile and your touch
I should have given you so much.

I'll always love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of all the people who never had the chance to fix that one relationship that tore them apart the rest of their life.

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