i wandered by a store one day and noticed wide eyed glances

continued walking when i wanted to stop decided not to take no chances

my pockets were limp and nearly lint filled besides 5 quarters spread out

my legs did ache and if i stopped, to start back walking my flexibility i did doubt

change was myfear an my condition did begin to worsen

but rather than to seek relief i just reverted to cursin

at what, at who, at why for what, the circles did question

it didn't stop me from walking around constantly second guessin

inside the store i heard much later was a salve for my open wounds

a salve that soothed so quickly it anointed all my croons

so now i sing of all those days the trials and the salvation

and now i tell the world not to delay their elation

takes steps to be and become and live and rhyme with the riddle

and don't be scared to seek the one who can makes your pangs seem little......

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