Tangent Aug/20/08



BY : Matthew Canning

August 20th 2008

“where are the blue skies of tomorrow

overcast within a haze of sorrow

madness found in every direction

fueling their obsession with perfection

tread soft for you might lose control

In this massive struggle for your soul”

Ever had thoughts or feelings, those urges to just up and leave? Pack up your suitcase and just hit the door walking. Not even a glance over your shoulders as your eyes remain fixated on the steps before you, and the possibilities are endless. Whether your fed up with your current surroundings, failing miserably, or just wish to explore, your mind sends impulses to your feet, a mental annoyance of a current surrounding just not meant for you. I have noticed a majority of people learn to deal with this slight disturbance, and those few who have?

They take the chance of walking down the wrong path riddled with traps, some even deadly. However your situation is, there is only one question to this application. “What do you stand to gain, and to lose”

Most are aware of this question and no sooner are their feet planted to the ground before them does the answer confront them. The counter productive part on this stems from the un certainty of life and of your future.

To pretty much get anywhere or to advance within our world you need money, A human flaw to this day we teach our children. The more money you have the more you can get away with. Such great educational tool we utilize, that nothing in this world is truly free, Not even our souls unless we have enough money to match that of the greed on your opposition.

When I look around I see a disturbing balance, where the scales tip ever so lightly in the favor of those who have loaded pockets, were sins are no longer forgiven by your god, but rather your wallet. Buying them from you in the name of donations, and your salvation is but a checkbook away. Since becoming spiritual my views and opinions of the mass religion has not changed, and in fact only grew. I do not favor pity, For its a rather Sick and demented thought to have on another person. To pity them, feel sorry for their plight. Degrading their under takings and relishing in the knowledge you are better. Yet my one and only pity would be for those millions of people who take a book written with ink from man, as the spoken words of God. It takes away from the true meaning of the word god, which is enlightenment. We can all find God one must simply look within, not from without.

Time is probably the most important of all issues, Einstein's theory of relativity, defines by far the most shear of all common sense logic. Yet flawed in one small way, for his theory to be sound and to prove true, one must take into account the most important mathematical value, that is our brains, Our minds are so powerful they define the very nature around us, our brain is more powerful and more complex than any super computer as of to date.

“My thoughts are disorganized

my soul trapped and traumatized

as my body lies crucified

Popping another pill

its only time I have to kill

or beat the odds and stay alive

where dreams can be bought with bribes

and nightmares sold with lies

where your whole life is nothing but a compromise”

My mind feels as though its an open sore, thoughts oozing out of the fragmented hole. Everyday we step that much closer to our escapable doom. Our damnation that will ultimately destroy us. Turning friends against one another, tearing apart families at the very seams.

We can bandage and stitch the wound all we want but unless a miracle comes, we will hemorrhage, then collapse, I find it a bit ironic that not only does this struggle take place on the physical plane, but on the mental as well, the miracle in itself is rather simple and easy to understand, A Child gets it, and understands it yet why can we not? Like the word miracle describes something nearly impossible of happening. The blinding ignorance of our manifestation towards Cannabis is irresponsible. Even as kids we were taught that truth, honesty, and a lawful human rights were the moral fabric of our society. If that is the case then why are so many pushing against the legalization of a plant, With Nature. Proven records out weighting all the negative hype that it's a drug or even toxic for your body.

How children grow up in a hypocritical society always told do as I say, not as I do. You can no longer watch TV without seeing at least one drug ad. Through all the commercials and another bit of irony, I preach we have became the capsule, the pharmaceutical powder of the world. One giant drug store to get all your addictive needs. Yet within myself I do battle with my own pharmaceutical demon, no bigger then a pebble. One swallow away from having to face your demons.

There is an old saying, Don't preach your own sin. I only mention this because one day we will wake up in a world of doped babies a population of zombies in the crusade of vitamins. Someone will one day invent the fountain of youth, in the form of a pill, he will be praised but in the fine print will read one out of a hundred will die if taken. Yet if you take this roulette pill in any color of the rainbow.

Death is free, it is cheap. And it is cold and empty. Alone as you take that final step through your last image on this mortal existence. Many proclaim to have seen their life flash before their eyes, can our minds be powerful enough to slow down time, or better yet remember years and years of knowledge down to the smallest details and then like a movie reel play out your life story as you exhale your last breath?

Words become meaningless if your readers don't understand what it is you are trying to potray. Like a bad game of pictionary gone horribly wrong. My words often get stuck, lost as if bouncing around in my mind until I am able to stammer out a sentence. When I smoke Cannabis, the words and thoughts flow like an untamed river. As the pen becomes my medium to a insane world, keeping me grounded for in this world its never hard to get swept up into all the misdirection.

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