dollar stores

Hyacinth garden

I dream.

I dream all night that I throw you a kiss.

can you catch it instead of shooting stars?

let us visit the luminous and soar in the shining.

I whisper to you that there is adventure on the moon.

give me a crumb from yesterday's passion.

let that simple fantasy fly.

to rest in your arms, my spirit would raise.

speak to me with your enchanted words.

two years separated while my doubtful arms

are reaching.

anymore, my mythical lips do not kiss.

these dollar stores don’t sell cures for love.

while time registers the tally of my tears and gives my change to anonymity.

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The title interested me first, but what i found here was pure beauty and talent. Great work! I think i will read on and see what elce you can do with your words. Rae