smoky smother launches upon leather sofa

with indoor clothless wardrobe

human is highly value product in seaport

costing ton of dollars like crudeoil

man is a lion to man like gold to diamond

with claw of life span business

sealing inside the ship store

with legal tracking number

for cruel officer tip up

good indentity useless being worth millions to human beast

you are useless man,only money value

tomorrow mothers how much worth?

you are millions earn in stock exchange

futureless womberless sexual workers,disease carriers

taking across border of white and black

to become high value products

with dealings official certified illegal promotion,

white house company built to abuse divine soul

what the transaction?man production yap!business

buyers are muchly thirst the goods and services

for high profit gain trading like lucrative biz

human trafficking,child abuse,soul deluxe

who are the duo behind the table

sighning man a valuable product for no to live up

like man inside the breadfruit tree

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complete not

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