Prison Cell


falling again and i can't catch her,

trapped in a room with no doors,

no way out.

wishing for his happiness and nothing more,

he doesn't want her,

so she lets go.

a friendship that's all, he says,

nothing more than that,

it hurts but she accepts it.

he pushes, wont let her close enough,

at times he seems to care,

at times he cares for nothing.

he lets her in a little,

she gets her hopes up again,

then he realizes she's close and shuts her out again.

waiting for a chance,

she sits in the corner,

in the dark,

hopeing he'll come sit with her.

she hopes, thats all she can do,

can't let him go,

he wont let her.

can't get too close,

he wont let her.

stuck in a prison,

the bars to lock her out,

and the walls to keep her in,

she cant escape.

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Trista Calderara's picture

wow, very very true. I'm a fool for love what can I say? *shrugs and sighs*