Can you?

old shit to blake

alone again,

lost in thought,

thinking about things i wish i wasn't,

but can't seem to get it out of my head.

can i do this?

can we really do this?

can we even hold on long enough?

i love you,

more than i've ever loved anyone,

you've made me a new person.

smiles now, instead of tears,

laughter instead of blood,

hate replaced with happiness,

yet i still find myself in doubt.

not doubt that you love me,

or even that i love you,

just question that you can hold me.

dont want to run but cant help it,

can you really keep me from running?

naked around you,

i try to keep myself covered,

you know me better,

see straight through my mask.

i can't hide from you,

that scares me.

want to spend the rest of my life with you,

but too affraid i'd get too close and push.

can you handle me pushing?

could you hold on tight enough?

will you stop me from running?

help me burn my mask,

and stop me from hideing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T:Blake, old poem i wrote...i guess you couldn't. but what's ment to be will be and we just wasn't.

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babblin's picture

This is how i have felt with a girl who i love with all my heart. No matter how hard i hold on to her she pushes that much harder and pushes me away.
So in a sense i know the feeling but not really.
Great poem keep up the good work.

Trista Calderara's picture

This is really good Sin, I'm glad he makes you happy finally. You deserve to be. :)