Full Counsel of God


Who said we shouldn’t preach, Truth to those we attempt to reach?

Not just some, but all of the Truth, even presenting to them reproof.

It seems that we try to avoid, some Truth, so men are not annoyed,

Wanting to be to men, a friend, with no thought to their coming end.

Although they do embrace a creed, Biblical Truth is what they need,

And when sharing it can’t be denied, Truth does separate and divide,

But we need to stand on The Word, so that God’s full Truth is heard,

The Full Counsel of Eternal God, spread across every land men trod.

Some say we don’t know their heart, but, what belief do they impart?

Teachings and other ways of men, which the Lord God will condemn,

As Idolatry itself, in many ways, is much alive and active in our days,

Practices done also by Israel, opposed to God’s Awesome Holy Will.

Today we sit and silently tolerate, what we know The Lord does hate,

And all that He condemned before, will again, be judged by The Lord,

Not warning those that we love, an unchanging God still reigns above,

And while they live they must learn, Judgment will fall upon His return.

God’s Full Counsel must be told, so unadulterated Truth men behold,

To learn to worship God with fear, knowing that Christ’s return is near,

To separate each sheep and goat, just as His Apostle Matthew wrote,  

As His Sheep inherit Eternal Life, each goat is cast into fire by Christ.

(Copyright ©08/2008)

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