Girl can't you see?

As i walk down these street, not unfamiliar to my feet

i stumble upon something new, wonderful, and sweet

the idea of this object is a mystery even to me

as i cry, i whine but my heart skips a beat

On this path i know so true

there stands a girl, "Hey! I know you."

but you were there not over here

what made you stagger over here to appear?

You say you like me, how can that be

im a simple man, mild and meek

I dont understand this love of yours

cant you see im broken and selfish to the core

I guess i cant sway you from this love so pure

so i will hold you, and guide you as we walk to the door

but i do not know if i have the strength

to help you, to guide you, to be your embrace

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Stacey Mathers's picture

Very nice poem, and I don't say that to a whole lot of people either.

shawon1982's picture

burton, this is really a nice poem and it will easily touch the readers hearts. weel done. all the best for you.

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon