God’s Word

The Word of God

Living out the Truths we’ve heard, comes in obeying God’s Holy Word,

As the Word of God dwells in us, when we live our life for Christ Jesus.

We can live our lives in Christ’s Love, as we focus on our Savior above,

In this world, to live our life higher, God’s Word needs to be our desire,

Through the Word of God’s Wisdom, we’re fit to serve in His Kingdom.

All men will wither to fall like grass, but, God’s Word shall forever last,

God’s Word will last forevermore, with Truth eternally certain and sure.

The Lord’s promises will fail never, as His Holy Word shall last forever,

The Word of God will empower, the life of believers each day and hour,

Power that’s been revealed by God, to guide us upon this earthly sod.

Only God’s Word can fill your soul, to make one’s life pure and whole,

God’s Holy Word can purify the lives, of every believer in Jesus Christ.

It is God’s Word that changes men, filling hearts and cleansing them,

With Living Water from the Lord, while blessing in our heart is poured,

To keep our life on this earth pure, from a source that’ll forever endure.

Following men we falter and fail, but, living God’s Word we will prevail,

To live for God’s Kingdom friend; a new life in Christ which has no end.

The Word of God is available to all, who’ve been freed from man’s fall,

For one to begin a New Life in Him, Christ, who saved us from our sin,

To live according to God’s Word, those eternal Truths that we’ve heard.

(Copyright ©08/2008)

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thisisme04's picture

Good poem! Very true! More emotion into what it means to follow Christ would be good though....