Monthly Archive for August 2008

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Changes Poem tibult Aug 8th
HAVE YOU EVER Poem teresa_r 1 Aug 8th
Angel llorando Poem elche Aug 8th
December... leaves Poem coldaugust Aug 8th
Everything Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 8th
shadowed wanderer i sit and stare Poem Aodh_Implar Aug 8th
Cielo a mi lado Poem elche Aug 8th
To Beautiful Poem tibult Aug 8th
Los Hombres Poem elche Aug 8th
Censura Poem tibult Aug 8th
Can't Handle the Hurt Poem foxgloves 1 Reality Aug 8th
Promising the After-Life Poem cole060784 Aug 8th
Marina Ignacio Poem thelohaspiral Aug 8th
falling in love by falling up Poem nomes2riches Song Lyrics Aug 9th
8 Poem a_whisper_away Aug 9th
good luck charm Poem ruth_x_less Aug 9th
Miss Senile's False Teeth Poem cherishedone Other Aug 9th
A Ladder To Heaven Poem cherishedone Aug 9th
Untititled Verbal Suicide Poem ice_princess Aug 9th
Heaven's love, Hells Fire. Poem Asheron 3 Aug 9th
Raining On Hells Earth Fire Poem ice_princess Suicide Aug 9th
Final Day Poem phil_carcione 1 Aug 9th
I love you more Poem lovelymissrai 1 love Aug 9th
Worthless Poem ice_princess 1 Abstract Aug 9th
Karey Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Aug 9th
Im Torn Poem tibult Aug 9th
Wal-mart's blunder. Poem randyjohnson Anger NonViolent Aug 9th
Never felt so lonely Poem nothing16 Aug 9th
Trivialities (song for the optimist) Poem nothing16 Aug 9th
crush Poem nothing16 Aug 9th
Wait with me Poem nothing16 Aug 9th
live without me Poem nothing16 Aug 9th
Sacrifice Poem clutchforbalance Aug 9th
Fall In Ruin Poem thelohaspiral Aug 9th
Nineteen with No Air. Poem gone_forever13 Betrayal Aug 9th
Drowning Poem angeljerlin 1 Devotion Aug 9th
Waiting/Letdown Poem thelohaspiral Aug 10th
Trip Poem jgupta prose Aug 10th
My Ray of Sunshine Poem cherishedone family Aug 10th
A Trip, for Damages, and Retail Poem Sivus Bizarre Aug 10th
Another Soft Moan Poem 9inety Aug 10th
his perspective Poem indian_princess Aug 10th
AN EVENING AT THE RIVIERA Poem emmenay Aug 10th
not a poem, more just thoughts Poem indian_princess Aug 10th
+Help Me Aub+ (dutch) Poem x_falling_to_pi... Aug 10th
+Die Plek+ (dutch) Poem x_falling_to_pi... Aug 10th
+Laat Me+ (dutch) Poem x_falling_to_pi... Aug 10th
Any Faith Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 10th
Lust’s Orchard Poem phil_carcione Aug 10th
+The One+ Poem x_falling_to_pi... Aug 10th
Defining Desire Poem absolutekos Aug 10th
Reflections on the Screen Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 11th
Let Me Have One Last Dance Poem cherishedone Dark Aug 11th
Capitalized Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 11th
All Is Well Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 11th
These Words Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 11th
Falling Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 11th
Stinky Poem cherishedone Children Aug 11th
Pilgram Poem wishful_thinking 1 Aug 11th
The first of the month Poem jack4444 Aug 11th
Searching Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 11th
Kindness is Wasted on Me Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 11th
NEIGHBOUR Poem truedreams Being Loved Aug 11th
Facial Effects of Depression Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 11th
Beyond Saving Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 11th
Boy in Blue Poem cherishedone 1 Betrayal Aug 11th
A Warrior's Prayer Poem josephus Faith Aug 11th
ISN'T MY AFRICA? Poem truedreams dreams Aug 11th
Two Little Robins Poem cherishedone Children Aug 11th
The Nest Poem cherishedone Other Aug 11th
Last Pie Slice (my parody to the song Last Resort by Papa Roach) Poem GoldenWolf 2 Song Lyrics Aug 11th
♥~Random Thoughtz N The Rain~♥ Poem ninesevenoh4 Aug 11th
*~Thicker Then Honey Dipped In Cornbread~* Poem ninesevenoh4 Aug 11th
Distance Poem semeron Lost love Aug 11th
♥~Fever~♥ Poem ninesevenoh4 1 Aug 11th
The Glutton Poem cherishedone Comedy/Humor Aug 11th
Birthday Letter Poem shawon1982 2 youth Aug 11th
Song for u Poem nothing16 Aug 11th
+You+ Poem x_falling_to_pi... Aug 11th
Message To Self Poem yardesspoetess Aug 11th
take it away Poem nothing16 Aug 11th
for the times you feel most faint Poem steelrunner303 1 Aug 11th
+You+ ..continued Poem x_falling_to_pi... Aug 11th
Always something going on Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Aug 11th
THIS VIOLENCE SO WHITE Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 11th
That simple and that complicated. Poem youthofsociety08 Fantasies Aug 11th
The Irony Of A Pickle Poem GoldenWolf Irony Aug 11th
thorns Poem nothing16 1 Aug 11th
buried alive Poem ruth_x_less Aug 11th
A Quotation from John Milton Poem bluewave 1 Aug 11th
A Quotation from Ricky Lanford 1 Poem bluewave 1 Aug 11th
Time will kill Poem silentdreamer1988 Anger Violent Aug 11th
A Quotation from Robert Francine Poem bluewave 1 Aug 11th
New things! Poem tompkins_92 2 Acceptance Aug 11th
Eternal Snow (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 11th
A Quotation from Another Chinese Proverb Poem bluewave 1 Aug 11th
A Quotation from Ricky Lanford 2 Poem bluewave 1 Aug 11th
GROWING TREE Poem truedreams 1 youth Aug 11th
My anything, my everything Poem lizzurdbeth 1 Aug 11th
Say Hello to Mister Sun Poem cherishedone Children Aug 11th
DESCENDED IN A DREAM Poem 9inety Aug 12th
Going in that house again! Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 12th
Think Twice Poem MsBlue Song Lyrics Aug 12th
watch you walk away Poem angeldust2007rock 1 Breaking Up Aug 12th
If I could I would Poem jgupta 1 prose Aug 12th
heartFOUND .....11aug08 Poem avengers1965 1 Acceptance Aug 12th
Tears. Poem angeldust2007rock Betrayal Aug 12th
A struggle for life. Poem angeldust2007rock 2 Pain/Sorrow Aug 12th
drifting off Poem angeldust2007rock Dark Aug 12th
Amend the Pain Poem xephornite Aug 12th
Withered Touch Poem xephornite 1 Aug 12th
truth Poem nothing16 2 Aug 12th
Sword Poem lyrycsyntyme Depression Aug 12th
Deprived (die alone) Poem nothing16 1 Aug 12th
g- Believer in Quantum Poem anonymous Aug 12th
Optimism Raped Poem coldaugust Aug 12th
disaster Poem nothing16 2 Aug 12th
Microcosm Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Aug 12th
My Story Poem indian_princess Aug 12th
Let it become one Poem cbink Passion Aug 12th
فيصل على سليمان الدابي : المعلقة السودانية موديل أوكا Poem sudan Imagery Aug 12th
Double F Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Aug 12th
CharlaX51one Poem charlax7 Anger NonViolent Aug 12th
Galdorsang Poem rbpoetry Folklore Aug 12th
You've Got a Lot Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Aug 12th
Transformed Lives Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 12th
can't explain Poem ruth_x_less Aug 13th
self inflicted pain Poem angeldust2007rock Pain/Sorrow Aug 13th
this is not romantic. Poem catherine 2 Aug 13th
Cadaver of Verse Poem 9inety 1 Aug 13th
Six Feet Under Poem Azrael Aug 13th
Negatives Poem lyrycsyntyme Aug 13th
WE DISCOVER A NEW ROUTE Poem truedreams Aug 13th
Insain Poem angeldust2007rock Pain/Sorrow Aug 13th
All our Epitaphs Poem bendergender Aug 13th
Snapshot II Poem rbpoetry 1 Aug 13th
humanity Poem steelrunner303 1 Aug 13th
Cough. Poem bendergender Aug 13th
Perception of Time Poem MatthewWayne Other Aug 13th
Deerfields is for Lovers Poem twisted_reality42 3 Music/Musician Aug 13th
LONELY Poem teresa_r Aug 13th
Just disappear Poem ozzypoemgirl 2 Aug 13th
Difficult month Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Aug 13th
Darkness inside me Poem naushin84 1 Aug 14th
Voices in his head Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Aug 14th
Pinocchio's Lies Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 14th
Turn Back Time Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 14th
A Chance Poem Jules_Luna long distance Aug 14th
Dying inside.. Poem youthofsociety08 sadness Aug 14th
Only Him(nothing us.) Poem steelrunner303 Aug 14th
قصيدة فيديو Poem omar Aug 14th
Singing Poem breanna_shaylee 1 Aug 14th
Dual Paradise Poem shawon1982 4 youth Aug 14th
a fall from grace Poem 9inety Aug 14th
Untitled -- 8.14.2008 Poem omar Aug 14th
Falling in Love Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 14th
no where to hide Poem nothing16 Aug 14th
Desintegration Poem nothing16 Aug 14th
heaven is wide Poem nothing16 Aug 14th
The Sunrise on the Horizon Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 14th
untitled #3 Poem semeron religion Aug 14th
Noose Poem nothing16 Aug 14th
Please Dont make me Fall Poem naushin84 Aug 14th
TIME SAY Poem truedreams Aug 14th
Corroded Childhood Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 14th
Tunnel(Moments Doubt) Poem lyrycsyntyme confusion Aug 14th
Prescribing Guests Dishwashing Liquid Poem eyesofsociety Aug 14th
In the Blue Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 14th
apology: rejected Poem dhoomedprincess Anger NonViolent Aug 15th
How Could You Say You Love Me Poem MsBlue 1 Aug 15th
Silence Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Aug 15th
Try Poem humanpulse Aug 15th
Content In The Lord Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 15th
"Fatal Perception" Poem passionaterider Aug 15th
A Point Of View Poem unseen_treasure Aug 15th
this beating mechanism Poem kayspoems Aug 15th
Oh, sister! Poem kragey Self-doubt Aug 15th
The Way I Am Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 15th
Longing For Love Poem silverstar 1 Aug 15th
A Whispered Prayer Poem silverstar 1 Aug 15th
Watch Yourself Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 15th
Consuming Desire Poem silverstar Aug 15th
Self-Combustible Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 15th
There's Something Evolving Poem dakotadarkhorse Aug 15th
sunday rain Poem steelrunner303 Aug 15th
"Doppelgangsters" Poem passionaterider Aug 15th
"Behind His Shadow" Poem passionaterider Aug 15th
"Lost In His Silence" Poem passionaterider Aug 15th
"Dinner in Bed" Poem passionaterider Aug 15th
"No Pretentions" Poem passionaterider Aug 15th
"Forever My Valentine" Poem passionaterider Aug 15th
Same feelings I get Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Aug 15th
"The Magic Of YUKU" Poem passionaterider Aug 15th
Deseos! Poem orishaman love Aug 15th
"Cradled Prayers in Midnight's Rain" Poem passionaterider Aug 15th
"A Worship Of Trails" Poem passionaterider Aug 15th
More trouble then it’s worth Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 16th
Madre Poem Sivus family Aug 16th
Eudaimonia Poem Sivus Human Nature Aug 16th
Meaning? Poem poetry_freak 1 Aug 16th
Set it Free Poem poetry_freak Aug 16th
July 4th Poem poetry_freak Aug 16th
Whining in the Stylings of Ms. Avril Poem poetry_freak Aug 16th
writer's block Poem still_singing Aug 16th
Proveribal and Atypical. Poem squishyninja 1 Aug 16th
The Dark Man Cometh. Poem bendergender Aug 16th
My DOwnward Spiral Poem nothing16 Aug 16th
Horoscopes Poem life_used_to_be... Aug 16th
DiD iT FEEL GOOD Poem Shellysweetness Aug 16th
NO ONE Poem Shellysweetness Aug 16th
LUCKY Poem Shellysweetness Aug 16th
Favorite Quotes About Love Poem bluewave 1 Aug 16th
This Kind of War Poem life_used_to_be... Aug 16th
The Mermaid and the Clementines Poem captain 1 Aug 16th
no love Poem nothing16 Aug 16th
Blink Poem wolfangel87 Aug 17th
I Can Really See You Poem passionate_poet Song Lyrics Aug 17th
You Don’t Belong To Me Poem passionate_poet Song Lyrics Aug 17th
No Need to Cry Poem wolfangel87 2 Aug 17th
My Soul Mate Poem passionate_poet Breaking Up Aug 17th
Tiffany Poem passionate_poet Acrostic Aug 17th
poem_226_Handkerchief Poem h1s4k0 love Aug 17th
poem_225_Graduation_Tid-Bits Poem h1s4k0 Aug 17th
Connection Poem schea Soul mates Aug 17th
hating-gabi Poem jaela Aug 17th
All Around Me Poem wolfangel87 1 Aug 17th
Collecting buttons Poem ruth_x_less Aug 17th
Avenging Fate Poem wolfangel87 Aug 17th
Never a second thought Poem schea love Aug 17th
Lost in a Crowd Poem wolfangel87 Aug 17th
Waking Up to You Poem wolfangel87 1 Aug 17th
Vanessa Poem passionate_poet Acrostic Aug 17th
A Vision in Light Poem wolfangel87 Aug 17th
At The Death Of Lazarus, The Beggar, 2 Poem Starward 1 Aug 17th
poem_224_56K! Poem h1s4k0 Aug 17th
Feeling Alive Poem wolfangel87 Aug 17th
uplifted plight Poem significance_of_2 Aug 17th
No Small Doubt Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 17th
I Saw His Fate Poem wolfangel87 Aug 17th
Someone Come Get Me Poem wolfangel87 Aug 17th
Human Kind Poem not_an_addict Aug 17th
Critique. Poem bendergender Aug 17th
Melissa Poem passionate_poet Acrostic Aug 17th
Funny... Poem RainDreams Aug 17th
Emanuel Poem passionate_poet Acrostic Aug 17th
From the day I was born Poem nickkler Aug 17th
Ive hurt myself once again Poem nickkler Aug 17th
Izac Poem passionate_poet Acrostic Aug 17th
Paul Poem passionate_poet Acrostic Aug 17th
Now Poem RainDreams Aug 17th