Lucky Strike


Verse 1:

It may seem like I am a pro at things like this

but in reality I am fairly new with the game

I am still learning the rules as I go

but I can play just the same


One deceit, they are all alike

Pick your role, lucky strike

One down, only a few more to go

You are the one who is is in control

They'll never catch on, within their oblivion

So torn between disbelief and denial

Verse 2:

You can make your own rules if you choose

but there is something to keep in mind

Play with fire, you are going to get burned

So be careful not to lose

when it finally is your turn

Repeat chorus

Verse 3:

They all follow the lies I tell

Plan is working out so well

Wont they be surprised to wake in the morning and find me gone

Doesnt it just make the perfect song

All I have left them with are memories

but they got it coming because their love was only temporary

Repeat Chorus

Pick your role, lucky strike

Take your chance, roll the dice

One down, only a few to go

What are you waiting for

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