You hide behind many faces,
think I can't see the truth.

This one's sorrow,
the face that shows pain,
I can feel your heart bleed.

That one's happy,
but it's not real,
lacks substance.

That one is true joy,
the only mask I believe,
when you look at our daughter with love.

This one is both hot and cold,
trying to burn and freeze me,
but it has no effect.

I see the truth in your lies,
push when you need to admit the truth,
to me, to yourself.

Keep trying to build walls around yourself,
try to hurt me before I hurt you,
but they deflate, still you try,
holding your shield over your heart.

Stop lying, stop hiding,
I always find you in the end.

You say you feel nothing,
but that's just one more mask,
that one's fear.

Want to reach out for you,
just to show I can touch you,
but you shirk away,
fear in your eyes, in your heart.

I won't hurt you,
I never have,
but I let you run.

I know I can catch you sometimes,
other times I know you just need to run,
just to be safe in your mind.

I'm patient, you see,
every wall you build,
every time you hide,
I'll find you, only to let you run.

Some times you just need to run,
before you realize you can't run any further.

You taught me that,
was waiting when I returned.

Sitting, waiting,
watching to see which mask you show now.

When will you show your true face,
the one I've always seen through the masks to?

You won't admit I see you clearly,
but that's just one more mask.

So many masks,
each as transparent as the rest.

One day you'll stop running when I find you,
stop reaching, desperately, for another mask,
and you'll realize someone knows you.

You'll realize what you've always known,
that you don't fool me,
and I never left.

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