Lesson to be learned.

Lesson to be learned.

I hate that all that

Stuff has to happened

To my uncle hub’s friend

I’m praying that god will

Help guide him down

The right road! Make him

See that devil’s alley just

Isn’t the right highway

To take. Even though

His words might make

You think you’re doing the

Right thing that’s part of the devil’s game.

I hope he’ll tell those

Voices that are

Messing with him

In his head no matter  

Much how hard you

Try to make me fall down and

Never wake up again!

I’ll always get back up

To annoy you and it wasn’t my

Fault that my best friends

Died it was just their time!

That’s the main thing I hope

My uncle hub’s friend sees from this

I hope uncle hub will finally realized

You might always agree with

Everything that your friends do

But no matter what they do

You love them for always

And forever!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 19th 2008

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