Wrong Turn


fool for love

you keep trying

finding it in all the wrong places

holding on to all the wrong people

i can only be there for you

to watch you fall

hopeing im strong enough to hold you up

to catch you before you fall

try to warn you hes not right for you

i lead you to the one

but he pushes you away

its my fault

i made him believe you werent good enough

made him think you dont care

showed him all the wrong paths

i took him from you

made him not love anymore

he trusted me and i broke it

threw his heart on the ground

you tried to help him

tried to help me

neither of us can be fixed

not in that way

i found love in anothers arms

broke his heart

showed him you were wrong

when really i was

still you hold onto him

when he pushes you away

try to show him your love

and he hides his heart

im sorry for everything i did to you

sorry for the pain i caused

and i hope you can find it in your heart

hope you can forgive me somehow

im sorry

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Trista Calderara's picture

I've always forgiven you, love just doesn't seem to want me. I still don't see it as your fault, probably never will. when you told me the truth, it burned, but then it faded. It doesn't matter anymore who was right and who was wrong. what matters is now, who's in our lives and who's not. You've found love and true happiness, maybe one day so will I