Tangent Aug/19/08


              "Surrounded in this fog of confusion

           Ironically it could all just be an Illusion"

      There has always been a mental drain upon me every time I decide to dive head first into my writing, allowing it to submerge me. Can it be in fear of never seeing my muse again? Or could it be the simple fact, that when I write so many emotions crowd at the door all wanting a chance to speak their mind and push their way through. I put so much of myself into my writings it would be hard not to lose even a piece of myself within that work of art.

For the last couple of years I've experienced what it feels like to live in peace. and as much as I hate to say this drama is the worst form of anguish you can willingly invite to your camp fire. Drama can unleash any emotional outburst is wishes, or the subject deems it. For the most part like a sick twisted pervert, it seems to find the emotions you are the weakest with dealing at. A trickery of your mind. Can you over come and become stronger?

I figure, when my time comes and death is waiting to take me from this place, my mind will expand and open to allow the possibilities of anything and everything to happen, like every man who breaths today I do not wish to die and simply snap out of existence. I hold out hope there is still more to our entire being, over very existence than simply living for a few years then, vanish into oblivion. Your only memory left is the mark you make on society, today. Through your kids, policy, or that of power seems to become the legends of today, but like all legends soon fade out into the realm of mythology. When we as a people of this planet learn to instill peace and not war, only then will our children grow up in a free society, only then will the child's question be "what is war"

It is those with a closed mind, that suffocate the freedoms from our very breath. Those who wish to regulate and control your life, as if you do not know how to live for yourself. It's not just the rich, but even your own neighbor is on the prowl. We are a nation of distrust, especially ourselves. Marching ever so steady to the long dreaded police state, where our human rights no longer exist as our constitution suspended as a nation of civilized men and women become the surfs to the new age of Kings and Queens, who print our bread and water on a piece of paper as worthless as the ink thats printed on it.

Our Government has broke and violated their oaths to our parchments of freedom, taking in personal goals, corruption begins at the seed. After all he is a man who has to survive and feed his family. Yet when that seed of corruption sprouts and begins to grow thats when those large bribes and secret deals affect us, the citizens, our brothers, and our sisters. Most of all our countrymen. Does their political status give them anymore rights then the average man or woman? their own mortal moral acts any better than our own?

The Hypocrisy that is our system of law , where a man can go and kill twenty people and be sentenced to life or death row. A politician who open admitted to the failure of his mistakes, caught on camera lieing, which resulted in millions of deaths, thousands more suffering here at home. and now affecting my children who will be raised with a debt attached to his body, who has not even been born yet.

       "Love and peace is not found at the tip of a warhead

     but rather in those few who are brave enough to sacrifice

      their lives, bold enough to stand within the lions den

                  armed with words and not spears."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Even after finish a few other literatorial pieces I was still very much in the mood to keep writing, so I figured I'd bring back to life my old Tangent tick ;)

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