Ping Pong Flip Flop Drip Drops


nice, 'what if?'

how different would things be?

rarely think of it, why when the past is so easy to see?

slipping around on sandpapers,

bleeding heart emanates bland vapors,

no meaning out here the norm,

tornado of the lost a vicious storm,

working in black and white im a writer,

sad song fried chicken black widow spider,

as i said, heart deodorized like arm pits,

empty facade of charm and wits,

stomach churns,

stuff burns,

i sit here,

it all happens,

vitamins, snapple,

life grapple,

watch my wrist,

wristwatch reflects the sun baked sun kissed,

germ-x purell,

magical demon bad guy movie type spell,

windows prevent,

behind them time spent,

i sit here,

stuff out there,

all of it too much i care,

sullied thoughts ingested,

by-my-selfness permanently nested,

weather forecast,

want for more vast,

grope around,

i sit here,

skin white hands browned,

to death buried underground,

gloves they protect,

still, still i sit here - live and direct.

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