Lost Soul

Shadows lengthen in the pit below,

It holds the darkness that stole my soul.

Heart wrenching screams, deaths journey I fear,

My purpose in life is indeed unclear.

This task before me I have no wish to partake,

But pay I must for a past mistake.

An evil deed such a long time before,

It haunted me then, aye and now, but please no more.

My eyes slowly close, as the abyss calls to me,

He awaits below and I haven't the power to flee.

His voice beckons, try as I might I cannot refuse,

What difference? My soul is lost there's nothing more to lose.

Into the abyss I jump embracing the darkness as I descend,

Agonizing moans, deaths release, no it will never end.

Immortal for centuries now my soul destroyed,

Life, nay death in limbo, traveling through an empty void.

I want to be mortal again, I want a true death,

I want peace that comes with a dying breath.

Give me back my soul I beg and I plead,

Till I land before him and realize he's my need.

Such power, such an evil spell he has cast,

A blood feast awaits and I'm sated at last.

The guilt has left now for he has made me complete,

Baring my fangs I hungrily tear into fresh meat.

I must get my soul back, I must be set free,

But not yet, after all I have an eternity.

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