Harmony Within Nature

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'Harmony Within Nature'

I often find myself staring off at the horizon, Millions of thoughts coursing through my head like blood through my veins. In a world thats running at full speed it is often easy to find yourself lost. Alone in a giant world and a society that has an unfortunate record of doing more harm then good. For the most part people are able to to pick themselves back up and find the path they were originally on. There are those few however that are not able to pull themselves back together, that whatever it was that knocked them from the road to begin with deems to much for them to handle.

When I stare off into that horizon for the majority of the time I am thinking not of personal worries, not of bills, or of money but that of words and song, great poets of old. My mind spasms as I ponder what their trials and tribulations were, what it was crawling around in their minds to produce such profound words.

Usually as my mind drifts from thought to thought it settles onto the imagery of nature, my ears tune in picking up a bird chirping high up in a tree. Goosebumps form where the breeze rise the hairs on my arms, In this face paced world Nature's beauty is often lost replaced by a person behind a desk warning you that if you step outside your house you will die. We have forgotten how to talk with Nature, and how to praise our Mother. Like the bastard child we have became, we instead drill for the black gold that sustains our lives. We have forgotten her wrath and her love, the beauty she creates around us everyday that we fail to see as we pass by in a hurry to get to that next big business meeting. The hurricanes, the earthquakes, the viciousness worthy of any woman's scorn. She gives us everything we need to live and in return asks for very little.

We as a human race, on this planet we call home need to learn to live in a harmony status or we will eventually not only destroy ourselves but our world. I often spoke of Humans being the only species on the planet that has the capacity to love being cruel and violent to its own kind. Well for the record I want to take that back here and now, its not exactly an accurate statement of the human potential, instead I want to simply say that humans who act on their flaws has the capability to destroy our earth, Our home.

Harmony, is that word a ghost rolled off the tongue?  Can we truly find harmony amongst ourselves? I cannot answer these questions as they are beyond my own capability to comprehend. However in my personal opinion I would have to say yes, it would not be an easy task as they once said Rome was not built in one day. If you think about it on the surface it would not seem all that difficult but once you understand the human physique you will learn that we do not all think, or even act the same. We all know this as its a practice we do everyday within our lives, conflicts will arise from such opposite thinking. One side screams red, the other blue but who has the power to make one right the other wrong? Until we learn to agree, to disagree. Live and let live. We will never be able to to start on the road to Harmony. As long as there is one willing to kill to make their point, fighting and conflict will always be in pursuit.

If this fast paced world were to slow down, for one day long enough to look around and open their eyes to the gift Nature is offering they will see that even the common man has the ability within himself to feed and clothe the entire world. Through small acts of kindness and respect that man or woman instills a change within the direction our society goes. And as a civilization we grow. Nature has given us the tools we need to plant the seeds, to grow the food where the weather is barren. To shelter those with no homes. I once heard somewhere long time ago from a man much older than I, 'One random act of kindness out weights one negative action ten fold' whether he was right or not is not the debate, but what can be debated is if we as people, human beings on this planet value Compassion more, or that of Violence. The question you must really ask yourself not as a whole but as an individual how well did you live your life? But don't answer because you were asked, Don't answer because of judgment. Answer because you bleed like everyone else, Answer because your heart beats like everyone else, Answer because we all share this one planet we call Earth.

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