Monthly Archive for October 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Locked Poem VulcanJedi Unrequited Love Oct 10th
Brittle Is the Sun Poem VulcanJedi Faith Oct 10th
Astrals Poem VulcanJedi Culture/Society Oct 10th
All I Need Poem VulcanJedi Endurance Oct 10th
some hero i am Poem VulcanJedi Danger Oct 10th
Resting my head. Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 10th
achilly night Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 10th
The call I thought was the end Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 10th
So much stuff going through my head Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 10th
MEANINGLESSLY DISTURBED Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 10th
HARDLY FUNNY Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 10th
Beautiful Silence Poem perception romance Oct 10th
GOT SOME WATER Poem poewhit Commentary Oct 10th
You and me Poem LoveSponge86 Oct 10th
A collection by Pat Poem snaps Oct 10th
Stress in F sharp minor Poem still_singing Music/Musician Oct 10th
مبدأ الوحدة وموقف الحركة الشعبية الثابت Poem sudan Acceptance Oct 10th
ملامح الأغنية الشعبية لدى قبائل البني عامر : بكرى هاشم Poem sudan Oct 10th
مشروع برنامج مؤتمر البجا Poem sudan Acceptance Oct 10th
عاطف خيرى : مهمـــه Poem sudan Oct 10th
Agany Kur, Lost Boy Dallas : Rivers are Full Poem sudan Angst Oct 10th
This is what's happening in Darfur Poem sudan Oct 10th
Last News + Last News Poem sudan Oct 10th
Where do we go from here? Poem clutchforbalance Oct 10th
If by any Chance (Arabic) Poem unrulyspring Oct 10th
Numbing Night Poem wishful_thinking Oct 10th
Someone Please Watch Over Me Poem Jayne Depression Oct 10th
My Friend Poem abbey_warrior34 Oct 11th
October Rain Poem Dracona_Dragonfly 2 Oct 11th
For Love Poem Dracona_Dragonfly Oct 11th
Reminded Poem Dracona_Dragonfly 1 Oct 11th
MICE IN A MAZE Poem chris Song Lyrics Oct 11th
Whimsical Thoughts Poem cozzy20000 Peace Oct 11th
almost Poem dolphin Spirituality Oct 11th
The Change Poem foxgloves 1 Awakening Oct 11th
Kounterfeit Poem geministar 1 Oct 11th
No Need For A Towel Poem geministar Oct 11th
Daddy Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 11th
A LOVE TO LAST Poem ladydp2000 love Oct 11th
JUST TAKE THE TIME Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Oct 11th
TRICK OR TREAT Poem ladydp2000 1 Children Oct 11th
LOOKING BACK 2 Poem ladydp2000 family Oct 11th
When we’re younger Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 11th
THE DEAD GIRL'S COAT Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 11th
THE CHILD'S ROOM Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 11th
PEROT, QUITE POSITIVELY A HERO Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 11th
Bristol Poem rairai Oct 11th
The continuation of my Journey Poem Kikaykit Oct 11th
800 pounds Poem randyjohnson 1 Comedy/Humor Oct 11th
Impossible Poem silverstar Oct 11th
I'm Blessed Poem unrulyspring 2 Oct 11th
Unchanging Time Poem wolfangel87 Oct 11th
In My Heart Poem wolfangel87 Oct 11th
Struggle for Reality Poem wolfangel87 1 Oct 11th
Unforgotten Past Poem wolfangel87 1 Oct 11th
Lost Faith Poem wolfangel87 2 Oct 11th
ارحلي Poem yaramo Oct 11th
السلام Poem yaramo Oct 11th
مع الحق Poem yaramo Oct 11th
تجربة Poem yaramo Oct 11th
والديّ Poem yaramo Oct 11th
Home Poem abbey_warrior34 Oct 12th
Prayer Poem abbey_warrior34 Oct 12th
A Line of Crap Poem anexod 1 Oct 12th
DIVORCE Poem ltsaunders 1 Breaking Up Oct 12th
Days Poem dyingpoetkr Oct 12th
Yo Te Amo Mas Poem elche Oct 12th
El chico Poem elche Oct 12th
Yo mexicano Poem elche Oct 12th
No llores más Poem elche Oct 12th
Siempre será Poem elche Oct 12th
Inocencia perdida Poem elche Oct 12th
Bella dama Poem elche Oct 12th
Mujeres Poem elche Oct 12th
Que Daría Poem elche Oct 12th
Ayer soñé Poem elche Oct 12th
Amor pobre Poem elche Oct 12th
Monologue of Monotony Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 12th
The Fallacy of Worth Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 12th
Before and After Your Storm. Poem jecantz Oct 12th
Break Me, Make Me. Poem jecantz 1 Oct 12th
so i wait Poem kayspoems Oct 12th
Tomorrow Poem learn_to_be_lonely friendship Oct 12th
I feel lost Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 12th
THE BAT, THE CAT AND THE BOO Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 12th
A FRESH CONSTANT Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 12th
SO WHISPERS THE SOUL Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 12th
[Just] Best friends Poem perception Unrequited Love Oct 12th
Twilight's Graveyard Poem phil_carcione Oct 12th
Moonlit Spell Poem phil_carcione Oct 12th
Mesmerizing Moon Poem phil_carcione Oct 12th
TORCH KEEPER Poem poewhit Commentary Oct 12th
Astronomy Poem ruth_x_less Hidden Love Oct 12th
"Future Love State" Poem The1TrueMojo Existence Oct 12th
LYING BEYOND Poem trivking64 Existential Oct 12th
At Their Best Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 12th
Maybe She's Happy Poem twisted_reality42 Oct 12th
If Only a Rose Would Speak (Arabic) Poem unrulyspring Oct 12th
All In A Day, All In A Life Poem wishful_thinking Oct 12th
Catch Flight Poem wishful_thinking Oct 12th
A Love So Great Poem wolfangel87 Oct 12th
The Moon #2 Poem wolfangel87 Oct 12th
Close to Death Poem wolfangel87 Oct 12th
Hell Poem wolfangel87 3 Oct 12th
Untitled -- 10.11.2006 Poem wolfangel87 Oct 12th
Untitled -- 10.11.2006 Poem wolfangel87 Oct 12th
Windswept Kiss Poem wolfangel87 5 Oct 12th
العودة Poem yaramo Oct 12th
مولاتي Poem yaramo Oct 12th
موت الحب Poem yaramo Oct 12th
Know Poem erbearvw Oct 13th
What's the point? Poem erbearvw Oct 13th
Inasense of hate Poem erbearvw love Oct 13th
Remember? Poem erbearvw Missing You Oct 13th
Love in the Twenty-First Century Poem erbearvw Memories Oct 13th
Where Do I Go From Here? Poem exthias1983 Acceptance Oct 13th
I Want To Be Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 13th
One Smile, One Glance Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
So Blind Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
This Chaos Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Four- Leaf Clover Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
In The Dark Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Just Remember Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Broken Hearts Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Lets Face It Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Lonely Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Let It Bleed Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
The Cage. Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
To Guide You Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Do You Want To? Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Through The Breeze Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
So Lucky Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Till The Very End Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
I'll Give My All Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Before You Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Promise Me Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Tainted Soul Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Isnt Working Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Please Don't Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Its all Fake Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Among the dead Poem gothic_fairy_ 1 Oct 13th
My Lucky Star Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 13th
Out of school Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Oct 13th
Friday 13th Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Oct 13th
THIS LIVING DEATH Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 13th
CLOTH OF ABSOLUTE HYSTERIA Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 13th
MODERN DICKINSON Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 13th
A Fight for Survival Poem MatthewWayne Hope Oct 13th
Rescue Me Poem MatthewWayne Decisions Oct 13th
A broken heart is a work of art Poem rachum 1 Oct 13th
Slasher Dreaming Poem spf Oct 13th
Wash it all away Poem clutchforbalance Rape Oct 13th
Reflection Poem victoire Memories Oct 13th
TESSA'S OTHER POEM Poem chris Nature/Environment Oct 14th
LOVE NEVER FORGETS Poem chris Song Lyrics Oct 14th
Flying Into The Sun's Good Graces Poem enuminous Abstract Oct 14th
A hopeful future. Poem erbearvw 1 Pain/Sorrow Oct 14th
All Gone Poem ers Oct 14th
Frail Worlds Collapse Poem ers Oct 14th
Ghost of Sinful Delight Poem ers Oct 14th
Idiocy of America Poem ers 1 Oct 14th
So Much Money Gone Poem ers Oct 14th
Succubus Poem ers Oct 14th
This Darkness Poem ers Oct 14th
We Carry On Poem ers Oct 14th
Come to my rescue Poem fighter4life Dark Oct 14th
Wild WildFlower Poem flower_child Nature/Environment Oct 14th
Empty Bed Poem foxgloves 1 Oct 14th
sexxyhoodgal Poem kayspoems Oct 14th
BLACK LEATHER BABY Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
FREQUENTLY INTIMATE Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
THE KIILLING OF THE TEARS Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
Peace at Last Poem phil_carcione Oct 14th
Cycle of Love Poem AlexC 1 confusion Oct 14th
Pranks a lot Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Oct 14th
So Tempting Poem red_razor 1 Oct 14th
Break For The Road Poem spacecase Oct 14th
Faith of The Saints of Old Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 14th
Never heard Poem babblin 1 Oct 15th
Alone Poem babblin 1 Oct 15th
Doubt and pain Poem babblin Oct 15th
Untitled -- 10.15.2006 Poem da_fluffy Oct 15th
Fuck it all Poem elche Oct 15th
My mistake Poem elche Oct 15th
Sea laps burning sun (variation #2) Poem fliptop Haiku Oct 15th
Savoring You Poem foxgloves 1 Sexual Oct 15th
Because I got you Poem geneconner2008 Oct 15th
This love Poem geneconner2008 Oct 15th
The First time Poem geneconner2008 Oct 15th
Maybe Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 15th
Prayer Poem greenmeadow Faith Oct 15th
Trigger Poem hokesmoke Suicide Oct 15th
Selfish? Poem hokesmoke Suicide Oct 15th
Sooo Lost Poem hokesmoke confusion Oct 15th
'06 Aspect Poem Joel Oct 15th
Forget Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 15th
Inuenu Poem lillep Abstract Oct 15th
"Prime Minister Sir" Poem mack619 Oct 15th
Feel better soon Ruth! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Oct 15th
* You Complete My Life * Poem poetvg Oct 15th
Confuzz Poem spf Oct 15th
Opposing Thrill Poem spf Oct 15th
Unwanted Poem strangelittleboy Oct 15th
The Road Poem the7bs 1 Oct 15th
I CAN NEVER LET GO OF YOU Poem chris Song Lyrics Oct 16th
GIRL IN THE NEXT APARTMENT Poem chris love Oct 16th
SHE LEFT WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE Poem chris Song Lyrics Oct 16th
Understanding Focus Poem cozzy20000 1 Oct 16th
Twilight Wonders 10-16 Poem dancewmoonlight Oct 16th
lost help me!!! Poem doyle51209 Oct 16th
We Belong Poem foxgloves 2 love Oct 16th
Countdown (Part 2 of Let Me Count the Ways) Poem geministar 1 Oct 16th
Little Pope Poem geministar Oct 16th
Allergy Poem geministar Oct 16th
Lost Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Oct 16th
Masochist/Sadist (Acrostic) Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 16th
Incomplete Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Oct 16th
Tailor-Made Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 16th
Always Love You Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
I'd Take It All Back Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
So High Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
I'll Close My Eyes Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
If Someone would Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
Missing Piece Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
More Than Anyone Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
Love Is Poem gothic_fairy_ 1 love Oct 16th
Its you Poem gothic_fairy_ love Oct 16th
This Will Have To Do Poem gothic_fairy_ long distance Oct 16th
Be Prepared Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
See Who Stays Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
Always Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
Where I long to go Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
Mondays Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
Until You Loved Me Poem gothic_fairy_ love Oct 16th
Some Do Say Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 16th
Finally Poem gothic_fairy_ love Oct 16th
We Belong Together Poem gothic_fairy_ love Oct 16th
Until You Were There Poem gothic_fairy_ love Oct 16th
My Love For You Poem gothic_fairy_ love Oct 16th
Evil Laughter Chills Those Who Cant See The Truth Poem gweny1313 Oct 16th
Working Words Of Loss Poem gweny1313 Oct 16th
Mind Fuck Poem gweny1313 Oct 16th
Worthless Words Of Wisdom Poem gweny1313 Oct 16th
Whore Rotting Corpse Poem gweny1313 Oct 16th
Poem For Tonya Poem hokesmoke Lost love Oct 16th
My Promise Poem jerry_joseph_huggins Lost love Oct 16th
Mr John Poem BMosley Oct 16th
He wants to be free Poem necahuatl Breaking Up Oct 16th
I felt I saw I was ... Poem necahuatl Race/Ethnicity Oct 16th
The Borders Poem necahuatl Revolution Oct 16th