Wild WildFlower


Born in a seed,

Bloomed during Spring,

Mommy's shoes, The Little Mermaid, and tye-dye was what I wore,

But as I blossomed,

And my vines grew and grew,

Behold the World was my Oyster!

And I the Pearl,

Danced in fields of grass,

Rung around the rosey,

Picked pockets full of violet posey's,

Till I finally collasped,

I lived off the sun,

Soaked it up like a sponge,

And let pour it out my body,

It dripped salted honey,

Sweet enough for the insects to make their homes in my golden hair,

Bees invaded my crown of daisies,

Lady bugs trailed across my skin,

While one butterfly perched ontop my beating breast,

And thats when I saw,

Among cryptic tree branches,

The Face of God,

He laughed and said,

"Daughter you truly are Nature's Child."

Sunshine burnt its way into the rainbow abyss of my iris,

My Heart was racing and so was my Spirit,

To the Call of the Wild,

Passed up the riches of this world,

Just to faint in a pile of dead leaves and find a sprout of green,

Created angels made of granite,

Floated down a river just to see where that would lead,

Vast blue skies be my humble guide,

The smell of jasmine made me high,

The moon soothed me to sleep,

Everyone I meet,

Get tangled in my silver aura,

Lingering on the gossamer silk of spider webs spiraling down my fingers,

I am the Pinecone Trees of Autumn,

The Holly of Winter,

The Lilies of Spring,

And the Sunflower of Summer,

It doesn't really matter,

I am what I am,

That's all I'll ever be,

And every bird, rock, and tree I know,

Will look down upon me smiling,

"How Beautiful."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nature inspires me.

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