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What I want you to know about me... Music and the care and feeding therof. yes, kiddies, invisible caterpillar media now has a home page, and a brand new site, featuring a new music label and a new featured band, eNuminous & Archimedes, who have just released their 3rd album CD, "It's Not Music For Sane Persons" available for sale now!! Also Check out enuminous's videos on Youtube.

I just got a CDBABY account, and have placed music in some stores in the Sacramento, CA area. YAAAAY!

invisible caterpillar media has a funfilled site that describes the services we offer at invisible caterpillar media. We just finished a project for a very funny comedian, videotaping his set at a local comedy club, and converting it to VideoCD, with titles and credits, plus some sound tweaking and general geeking. And, of course, eNuminous & Archimedes, the internet's MOST-DOWNLOADED-YET-LEAST-SELLING Virtual Band ever, has been very busy in the studio lately. For more info, check out MP3.Com

MP3.Com hosts my music space, with a number of streaming and downloadable links to music from my first two albums, from 2005, "Citi Zen One" and from 2006, "Eyelid/Fetish" hosts a site with my book of poetry "From Under Eyelids" and my CD of music/spoken word "Eyelid/Fetish" and much more!

My Myspace Page has more music, and you can always visit my store at Cafepress and buy a tshirt or whatnot!

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It's got the best features of both an innie and an outie! It rejects lint in a manner similar to the rejection process at the Atlantic Monthly. It's been to Hawaii, and shopped at Hilo Hattie's wonderful stores.

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