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Hockey, friends, hockey, music, hockey, swords (as in real swords)...and hockey!! :P

Apparently I'm crazy because according to my friend..."it takes a special kind of crazy to be a goalie" I've been playing hockey for 10 years, goalie for 7 of them. I'm in 2nd year of Sports Admin. but I'm switching to E.C.E. in the fall. I love Bryan Berard (NHL), Carmine Giovinazzo, and Hugh Jackman. I've loved Berard ever since I can remember, and Carmine is from CSI:NY (woot for Danny and Lindsay!!). Both him and Jackman are amazing actors. Besides CSI:NY, I love The Ellen Show and Family Guy. Oh yah and I also love Gary Sinise!! Yay for Mac Taylor woot! Redwall is THE BEST, hence all the related poems. Love that series...check out my site As for music, Nickelback is my band!! I also like Green Day, but Nickelback is #1!!! BSB also rocks!! peace love and bulletproof marshmallows


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