Always Love You



I am in this for the long haul

So if we last forever its your call

Its not that I am leaving it all up to you

It is just that I am in it already

So baby,

Are you ready for this

I know that together we can go far


Look how far we have come

We have made it through the fall

We never thought we'd make it through

(make it through) it all

But look where we are today

In love so deep

Heres a promise I can keep

We'll be together for always

As long as you love me

Because I know this much is true

I will always love you

Verse 2:

Doesnt matter whether its day or nite

Doesnt matter if its black or white

Whatever comes our way,

I think it is safe to say,

With love well always find a way

Any problem that we find,

We'll talk it out, we'll compromise

No screaming or fighting that is not our way

Because we love each other unconditionally

Always, forever and today


Repeat Chorus..xx

Verse 3:

Whatever road we may be on

We'll always find each other

Sometimes we may lose ourselves

but we'll always find our way back

[our way back, oh back to each other]

Repeat chorus..xx


Look how far we have come

{Our time together's been so much fun}

We made it through and we never knew

We made it through it all

{even through the fall}

Heres a promise I can keep

{Of our love that runs so deep}

We'll be together [oh, together] for always


As long as you love me

{No, its not because its up to you}

{{Its because I love you too}}

Repeat chorus.......[fading out]

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