Understanding Focus

You ever were just hanging around with friends and just talking, and all of a sudden a song comes on and it just clicks... this is one of the best days you ever had? And every light you look at amongst its amber twilight you realize that everything you've done was recognized and you couldn't feel any happier... or sadder because although the moment in which you wouldn't trade for anything is a moment now. A thought perceived by yourself and you just smile to yourself not really letting anyone else know exactly what just happened but everyone has a smile on their face as if they all clued in to your thought. I never actually had a moment like this until just of late, and it kind of is life-altering. You don't have a care in the world, and all you can do is smile and talking about nothing and everything will still be alright. I am truly at the peak of my happiness these days, my life is changing but in a good way. I was devastated with all the changes that have happened since I left high school... with many of my friends leaving to Ontario, Quebec, and some of them far, far away. I am disappointed that those people have left me. I mean their actions were justified but I can't help but feel alone and scared for them knowing somewhere in their studio or bachelor apartments they are looking back and realizing... life in Nova Scotia was often degrading, depraving, and demeaning but in the end you meet the best people you ever could, and that's when your moment clicks in, when you begin to remember and feel so good about everything that went on the past that you can move on in the future. I have been forced to make as many new friends as I can because the thought of everyone I love leaving makes me incredibly disappointed, and these people are still truly great people. None of them will ever fill the shoes of anyone else. I won't find a new Adam, Jerry, Darren, and god knows I will never find a new Alec but I'm glad to think that I had people that memorable in my life. No longer am I looking at the disarraying thoughts of regret. Just looking forward, always looking forward.

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wow jeff this is amazing I'm so proud this really touched me man like i had tears going lol and you are amazing and I can't WAIT to get back to halifax keep on writing hunnie

love babe always