At Their Best

The End Times

Today the world’s appalling indeed, with many men in spiritual need,

Not discerning of life here at all, spiritually blinded due to man’s fall,

His sinful fall from God’s Grace; where they communed face to face.

Fellowship with God of Eternity, was marred by Satan’s dark iniquity.

Evolution has replaced God’s Truth, so man fears no Divine reproof,

Sinking deeper into dark ideology; creating for man skewed theology.

Men in pulpits have denied Creation, skewing God’s Holy Revelation,

Men by way of evolution’s progress, are glorified animals at their best.

Many of these men darkly depraved, are affecting people truly saved,

People who are young in their Faith, not leaning fully on God’s Grace.

Man’s evil nature, although denied, from God’s eyes they cannot hide,

And He’ll give them over to their lust, and then return them to the dust.

Even though evil is rampant friend, God’s Holiness prevails in the end,

All man’s wickedness will not stand, at the coming of The Son of Man,

For only righteousness shall prevail, as sin is destroyed on every scale.

And The Lord will not lose His own, saved by The Lamb on the Throne.

All true believers snared by sin, in Christ’s Power are delivered by Him,

Sin will be destroyed forever friend, and wicked men will see their end.

Not only has God forgiven His own, but Christ will see us safely home,

Where they shall see more than rest; living sinless forever at their best.

(Copyright ©10/2006)

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